November 29, 2013

Friday night drinks + Valvrave Episode 20

Friday night, finally the end of the week.
I wanted to relieve some stress built up from the whole week (I had to OT at work every single night for the past week because I had to finish off my boss' project that was due today, but deadline got extended till Tuesday).
Since there weren't any meeting tonight I decided to have a drink (or two) with my bishies (Yes that's my husbando Ukyo at the back), and enjoy some anime.
I went to the local liquor store after work and picked up this Fuji Apple + Ume (Japanese plum) cider. It's not bad, but since it's got plum the cider is slightly sour. I personally prefer cider made from Pink Lady apples because they have a sweeter fragrance. I also saw a Fuji Apple + Ginger cider, which I'm tempted to try next time.
So enjoy the following SS's from VVV.
Classy, they made reference to Don Quixote.
Oh whyyyyyy.
How on earth was L-Elf able to write on the ceiling?
Oh right, they can float "at will". 
I still don't understand Valvrave physics.
Stop it with the depressive thoughts L-Elf ;_-