November 13, 2013

Brisbane Supernova 2013: Code Geass CC R2 Cosplay

It has been well over a month since I did my last post, though in my defense uni obligations plus workin' on my cosplay costume consumed most of my time. So there.

Anyhow here's my journey through the process of creating my first serious cosplay ever. Enjoy.

 First of all, I chopped up some old bed sheets and made a model with my pattern. Had to fix the sizing several times.

Next, traced the pattern on to the cloth with some tailors chalk. (all together, the cloth cost about $30) 

 With the zipper sewn on. Found a lovely tutorial. As you can see, I used a LOT of pins. Needless to say I was pricked silly the entire time. ( You know in anime? How the girl tries to sew things for the guy and ends up with a handful of bandages and cuts? It was like that. Except maybe less blood)

 Prickly column of death. 

Followed by progress pic, the columns of cloth pretty much sewn together by now :D.

On to the details! Above are a set of fail chest panels, besides being horribly uneven I tried to sew the gold bias tape on after the panels were attached to the dress (?) Bad idea. Had to unpick the entire collar and the panels and the upper stitches. I think I teared up a little.

New back and front panels with bias tape sewn on BEFORE stitching to dress thing.
Sewing the armholes, the white strips attached to the cloth are fusible interfacing bits to make the material stiffer and more fancy looking.

Ok, ok I know I cheated. Meh. What are do gonna do bout it ?
Chopping out the lining cloth.
So satiny ^-^
Test try without collar and lower gold bias tape. I did iron the leg flaps after this.
Coloring the arm cuffs gold for uniformity.

 Ironing interfacing onto the collar, as you can see on the pic on the right, I made it thicker on the two ends for added standing-uppiness.

Test trial with belts and collar and cuffs.
Buttons came in the mail!
Layering on the fabric paint for the Geass design down the front.

It's actually a bit crooked... But no-one needs to know that heheh

CC themed nails.

Makeup time!!
With gold circle lenses on from
I got I-fairy tofi-gold lenses (maybe cause they were on sale. Hey hey! We're working with a student budget here)

 Makeup costests!

Note the contouring and stuff.

I ended up going with the third one.

Ok. All done. Ready for it?

The final unveil!!






Even anime girls need to fix their makeup.

Supernova 2013 Brisbane pics coming up!

-Sera >_^

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