November 30, 2013

[Merchandise] UtaPri Calculators

I came across this UtaPri merchandise for sale and I couldn't stop laughing.
Really? UtaPri Calculators!?
I'm not sure if this will be enough motivation to do maths.

One Week Till Drop

Something is gonna drop hard in one week. What can it be? Wait and see...

November 29, 2013

Friday night drinks + Valvrave Episode 20

Friday night, finally the end of the week.
I wanted to relieve some stress built up from the whole week (I had to OT at work every single night for the past week because I had to finish off my boss' project that was due today, but deadline got extended till Tuesday).
Since there weren't any meeting tonight I decided to have a drink (or two) with my bishies (Yes that's my husbando Ukyo at the back), and enjoy some anime.
I went to the local liquor store after work and picked up this Fuji Apple + Ume (Japanese plum) cider. It's not bad, but since it's got plum the cider is slightly sour. I personally prefer cider made from Pink Lady apples because they have a sweeter fragrance. I also saw a Fuji Apple + Ginger cider, which I'm tempted to try next time.
So enjoy the following SS's from VVV.
Classy, they made reference to Don Quixote.
Oh whyyyyyy.
How on earth was L-Elf able to write on the ceiling?
Oh right, they can float "at will". 
I still don't understand Valvrave physics.
Stop it with the depressive thoughts L-Elf ;_-

Chrome Theme: Gurren Lagann

I felt generous today, so I decided to create another Chrome theme at the request of one of my friends, Mitko. He wanted a black and red theme of Gurren Lagann and so here it is! Enjoy again!

Chrome Theme: Kagamine Rin Orange

I finally had some free time to create another Chrome theme. This time it's Kagamine Rin and her orange (hence the name)! This is the first time doing a orange theme, so I hope you will like it!

Howl's Moving Castle

Someone decided to upload the whole movie of Howl's Moving Castle to their Google Drive storage and so here it is for anyone that wants to watch it streamed. Enjoy.

November 26, 2013

Super Seisyun Brothers - Episode 11 [v.P]

How much anime reference can you recognise in SSB#11?

[Cosplay] Beware of Traps

Behind a pretty face there may be a...
Just goes to show how amazing make up is, how PS is an amazing creation and how dedicated some people are to the "lifestyle/hobby" of cosplaying.

SwiftKey updated for new numpad options, bugfixes


SwiftKey has an update for all it's users today — version 4.3.1 is now available. The big strokes for the changelog are bugfixes — the $ sign is back for non-English keyboards — and the option to put the numeric keypad on either the left- or right-hand side. Grab it now!

November 25, 2013

Seiyuu appreciation post: Brothers Conflict (Selected) Cast

Just realised that it's been a while since I last spammed about seiyuus. There was a BroConf event yesterday and night (there were two sessions). This is a snapshot of the boys that participated. Note that OnoD and HiroC didn't attend cos they had to host a separate event: Dear Boys Matsuri~, which apparently was just next door to the BroConf event. And Namikawa had a signing event, so he didn't go either. It's really cute seeing the boys semi-cosplaying as their characters.
From @bc_anime
Front row (Left to Right): Gero, Hirarin (Ukyo), SuzuKen (Tsubaki), Tori (Azusa), Takeuchi (Louis), KENN (Fuuto).
Back row (Left to Right): Kazuyuki (Masaomi), Be-sama (Kaname), Nobu (Hikaru), Maenu (Natsume), Hosoya (Yuusuke).
From Be-sama's twitter
From Kazuyuki's blog

Excited for Persona 5

Yesterday's press conference brought us what we have all been waiting for. The next series of Persona franchise which is Persona 5! As a fan, I have been waiting and waiting for an announcement to be made of the new series, and is finally coming in Winter 2014. That's still a long way to go, but there will be other spin-off Persona games to keep us entertained. There are three new games: an RPG game featured characters from P3 and P4 on the Nintendo 3DS platform, a rhythm music game (Persona 4) on the PlayStation Vita, and finally a Persona fighting game for the PlayStation 3.

November 24, 2013

GAC - Welcome to our world.

What could it be?

Evolution of Music by Pentatonix

You might find this video interesting or amusing. It describes (or rather sings) the history and evolution of music from the old times till now.

November 22, 2013

N↓DA↑GI↑NA↓DA☆ - Outbreak Company OST

One of the best anime OST music of the season! - Outbreak Company.

DL: here

Google celebrates 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with a Doodle

To celebrate the upcoming special 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Google has decided to create a mini-game for us all to play!

With each level, you'll have to solve a simple puzzle, pressing levers to open routes to collect the six letters that make up the word "Google" and return to your TARDIS. But it's never that easy for a Timelord — Daleks, Cybermen and a particularly pernicious Weeping Angel patrol the levels, and you have to sneak around and outrun your foes.

You can find the Doodle on Google Australia's homepage.

November 21, 2013


My friend referred me to this funny video that pokes fun at today's society with everyone owning some sort of smartphone and the 'culture' that comes with owning on. It especially pokes fun at Apple with there iPhones and their users.

November 20, 2013

AVTechNO! Compilation CD

Do you love the (electro/dub) Vocaloid producer AVTechNO!, who produced songs such as DYE, SOU/ZOU and Kimi no Kao wo?
Then you must listen to the album 「AVTechNO! Collection Thank you pack!」 which features 30 of AVTechNO!'s greatest hits.

[Cosplay] Yaya (v.2)

Sakurahime posted another photo of her Yaya cosplay.

The Reluctant Heroes (SnK) - Piano Cover by Animenz

I am absolutely blown away by his performance. It's spectacular! All those fancy fingering techniques!



Humble Mobile Bundle 3 out for Android

The third iteration of the Humble Mobile Bundle is now available and accepting donations for a group of six Android-only games. As is the case each time, the donation model lets you pay what you want for the games below, with some of the proceeds going to developers and the rest going to a pair of great charities.
  • rymdkapsel
  • SpellTower
  • Swordigo (new to Android)
In addition to the above four games, if you donate over the average you'll also receive two more games. You'll also have access to any additional games that are added to the Mobile Bundle 3 next week, as is often the case.
  • Ridiculous Fishing (new to Android)
  • Kingdom Rush

November 19, 2013

[Cosplay] Kuroneko

I just felt like posting a cosplay pic of Kuroneko. She is probably my favourite anime character of all time. The cosplayer name is Miyuko and she is from South Korea.

November 18, 2013

[Cosplay] Yaya

As you have seen in my latest art log, my heart's been captured by Yaya from Unbreakable Machine Dolls. I found this Hong Kong cosplayer, Sakurahime, that cos'ed Yaya at a recent event.
~She's so pretty!

Meganebu! Episode 7 [v.P]

Beautiful eyes.
Loving the art style.
A sleeping Yukiya. <3

November 17, 2013

Pokemon XY Episode 6 [v.P]

I was absolutely devastated when Surskit lost. Poor thing.

[Cosplay] Devil Survivor 2 - Hibiki+Alcor

I love the aura in this photo!
Alcor - [Min] Akane x Min
Hibiki Kuze - Selicia

Kuroko no Basuke Episode 32 [v.P]

Super cute ED cards!!!

Log Horizon Episode 7 [v.P]

A nice and easy going ep in this week's Log Horizon.

November 16, 2013

Pumpkin's Palette: Yaya (Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai)

I finally finished drawing Yaya! :D ... after 2.5 weeks.
I amaze myself sometimes.
You start noticing the physics of girls' bodies after watching sufficient harem anime, though I reckon I still need to watch more so I can be more creative with poses.
Again I changed my colouring/shading style. Do you like it now?
*Updated ver: added flare to the bg and changed some shadowing; this is the version we use for our banners.

So I manually updated my Nexus 7 to KitKat...

So after giving up waiting for the KitKat update to be pushed to my aging Nexus 7, I decided to do the manual way of updating the system.

Anyway, the update wasn't too hard and I;m sure even the average user can get it working eventually. Just make sure you have installed your Android drivers and have downloaded the Android SDK before you start the upgrade process.

From first usage, there really isn't much to talk about here. KitKat does offer some improvements over Jelly Bean such as visual and system performance. Some icons have also been given a revamp. Otherwise, it is just another improvement update like before.

If you have an official Google device and haven't received the OTA update and you want to get KitKat now, hit the source link above in the post and follow the instructions there.

[MBT] New email contact

Hey everyone! We now have a new email address that incorporates the whole team into one account. To contact us, simply email us with a subject heading directed to the team member of interest. The new email account is below.

We hope that we are able to continue to support you with any questions or inquiries you may have.

Outbreak Company Episode 7 [v.P]

Miusel in a bag: Can I order 20 of these?