October 23, 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 is out and I didn't even know

Ubuntu-1310: Saucy Salamander
Canonical recently rolled out the latest OS from its roster, Ubuntu 13.10, now available for desktop and smartphones users. The release also comes with a range of mobile core apps made by the Ubuntu developer community, with the list including a browser, calendar, clock, weather app as well as a calculator.

For one thing, I didn't even know Ubuntu 13.10 was releases until today! The release must have been dead quite compared to previous releases or that I haven't been keeping up with my Ubuntu news. But the new version includes some changes (although minor) that will benefit the Linux community greatly.

The updated OS also introduces Smart Scopes into the Dash search option. With this feature, any query that is typed into the Dash Home by the user will be picked up by the Smart Scope server. The latter will then determine which categories of content is the most relevant. The server will also constantly improve the results by learning which categories and results are most helpful to the user over time.