October 18, 2013

Pokemon XY - Episode 1+2 [v.P]

The new Pokemon anime series, Pokemon XY, was aired last night.
I'm extremely grateful for subbing-translation teams working hard to get this anime out! (There's no English subs out yet, I watched Chinese subs.)
There was a special double episode airing.
I really miss watching Pokemon. It was one of my main childhood memories - eating breakfast while watching Pokemon.
Hnnnnn you adorable little thing.
The animation/art has improved!!
Hahaha Team Rocket never changes.
Hahahah pokemon cracks me up.
On the off note: I HEAR KAJI KYUNNNN!!~~
I missed these stilly poke-quizzes!! 
Loved the battle music
D: Slap in the face 
It's okay, Pikachu's not dead yet.