October 30, 2013

Google Hangouts update will bring SMS integration, animated GIFs and location sharing

Google has unveiled that it is bringing a few new features to Hangouts for Android, including SMS integration! This is without a doubt the most exciting change coming to Hangouts, but the update doesn't end there.

Hangouts will now allow you to share your location with your friends using a location button tap, will bring the ability to share animated GIFs through messages, and is even adding video call enhancements.

What kind of enhancements? Not only will Hangouts now offer full-screen video chats on all devices, Hangouts will also automatically enhance webcam lighting and will bring a few other special video effects as well. Finally, Google also revealed that Hangouts video and sound will now be set to HD by default.

According to Google, you can expect all of these changes to start rollout sometime today.

[via Android Authority]

October 29, 2013

October 28, 2013

[Life] Afternoon Coffee

Forgot to upload this yesterday. Having coffee at Max Brenners with MegaBubbletea.

Out of this world PCs

I wish my PC was as cool as these:
(Click to zoom)

October 25, 2013

Google's servers seeing sync struggles

Server sync struggles
Well, seems like it's not just me. Everyone else is experiencing the same problem. Sync problems. I guess there's nothing for us to do but to wait till Google fixes the problem!

October 24, 2013

SwiftKey 4.3 beta updated with bug fixes, more layouts

SwiftKey 4.3
A quick heads-up for anyone using the beta version of SwiftKey 4.3 — an updated version is now available from beta.swiftkey.net. The new SwiftKey beta adds fixes various bugs — including issues when moving between layouts and problems causing the keyboard to jump around the screen ​— while adding some new localization features. This latest version ensures the currency key matches your phone's locale, and implements ​Punjabi, Icelandic, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani, Russian Windows and Turkish keyboard layouts.

October 23, 2013

[Lyrics] 14 to 1 (Fuuto 風斗 ver.)

Knowing Fuuto's personality, I was expecting some cheeky/tsundere lyrics, and I was not disappointed!

Description: Kanji lyrics, Romaji lyrics and English translated lyrics of 14 to 1 (Fuuto ver.).
Note: Lyrics taken from booklet. The parts in brackets ( ) in the English translation are there to help the meaning flow smoother.
The key thing to note in Fuuto's version is that, as per his character, he says things pretty bluntly and straight forwardly, which may, at times, sound rude.

[Lyrics] 14 to 1 (Yuusuke 侑介 ver.)

This song was an absolute torture to listen to! Yuusuke is tone deaf. z_z
I blame the character not the seiyuu. Hosoya actually has a pretty nice singing voice, try Kimi no Iru Machi's first ED song.
So let's just get this translation over and done with, so I can move on to translate Fuuto's version, which is much smoother to the ears.

Description: Kanji lyrics, Romaji lyrics and English translated lyrics of 14 to 1 (Yuusuke ver.).
Note: Lyrics taken from booklet. The parts in brackets ( ) in the English translation are there to help the meaning flow smoother. "lit." means literal word-for-word translation.
The key thing to note in Yuusuke's version is that he uses "だ" to end his sentences, which is a more direct form of talking, ie. the way you would talk to your friends and family (without formality), as opposed to using the polite form "です". 

Ubuntu 13.10 is out and I didn't even know

Ubuntu-1310: Saucy Salamander
Canonical recently rolled out the latest OS from its roster, Ubuntu 13.10, now available for desktop and smartphones users. The release also comes with a range of mobile core apps made by the Ubuntu developer community, with the list including a browser, calendar, clock, weather app as well as a calculator.

For one thing, I didn't even know Ubuntu 13.10 was releases until today! The release must have been dead quite compared to previous releases or that I haven't been keeping up with my Ubuntu news. But the new version includes some changes (although minor) that will benefit the Linux community greatly.

The updated OS also introduces Smart Scopes into the Dash search option. With this feature, any query that is typed into the Dash Home by the user will be picked up by the Smart Scope server. The latter will then determine which categories of content is the most relevant. The server will also constantly improve the results by learning which categories and results are most helpful to the user over time. 

KyoAni over the years

What's your favourite style/anime?
Kyoto Animation styles over the years.

What does 'the fox' say? v.Pokemon


When Pokemon and Natsume Yuujinchou crossover

October 22, 2013

Meganebu! main theme

Um, if anyone is interested these are the notes for the main theme of Meganebu. (/too lazy to write the harmony parts)
...I'm not _that_ addicted to the anime....

Pumpkin's Palette: Mochizuki Koichi (望月鉱一)

As promised I would draw some Meganebu fanart.
This is inspired by episode 3. It was a rather sad episode.
I reverted back to my old shading style.

October 21, 2013

Ubuntu – The World’s Most Popular Linux Distro Turns 9 Years Old

It was on this very day back in 2004 that Mark Shuttleworth took to the Ubuntu mailing list to announce the inaugural release of Ubuntu 4.10 – codenamed the ‘Warty Warthog’ due to its rough edges.

Nine years, and some nineteen releases on, the Ubuntu desktop we find ourselves sat in front of today bears little resemblance to that of its younger self. The distro went, virtually overnight, from a Debian-based curiosity – “A space tourist making a Linux distro?!” – to becoming one of the most recognisable and powerful forces in open-source software.

October 20, 2013

Seiyuu appreciation post: Eguchi Takuya + KENN

At an event today.
I wish I was in Japan.

MeMuMo: Royals (Lazerdisk Remix) by Lorde

Title: Royals (Lazerdisk Remix)
Artist: Lorde
Year: 2013
Comments: I'm sure Royals has been played like a thousand times already this past month. Well here it is again, but in remix form.

October 18, 2013

Pokemon XY - Episode 1+2 [v.P]

The new Pokemon anime series, Pokemon XY, was aired last night.
I'm extremely grateful for subbing-translation teams working hard to get this anime out! (There's no English subs out yet, I watched Chinese subs.)
There was a special double episode airing.
I really miss watching Pokemon. It was one of my main childhood memories - eating breakfast while watching Pokemon.
Hnnnnn you adorable little thing.
The animation/art has improved!!

New UtaPri event: Shining Theatrical Troupe!

Shining Office has announced yet another UtaPri event this morning!
This time our princes will star in a theatrical troupe! The troupe consists of three groups: Masquerade, Shinobi and Joker.

Things to look out for in this event:
1) Twitter: Between 18/10/2013 to 28/02/2014, the twitter accounts of Shining Office, including the idols and sensei's, will come alive again, and they will be sharing their daily routines with their fans.
2) New music/songs
3) New drama CDs
I'm sure there's more to come, so be sure to keep an eye out on the official website.
[Update: 2013.10.18.12:17]
The "Ninjas" are: Otoya, Masato, Syo and Cecil.
Their song title is "The invincible way of the Shinobi (ninja)" (天下無敵の忍び道).
The "Jokers" are: Ranran, Camus, Ichinose and Ren.
Their song title is "Joker Trap".
And the "Masquerade" are: Reiji, Ai and Natsuki.
Their song title is "Masquerade Mirage".

(Ps. I'll update this post a little later when more info is released.)

Featured Wallpaper: Persona 4 TVs

Cosplayer appreciation post: Reika

Reika is an amazing Japanese cosplayer. She did all of these UtaPri cosplays herself! (You really can't tell that these are all the same person!)
She makes all of her own costumes and props. 
She's been invited to numerous overseas events, and hopefully one day she can make her way to Australia! Last weekend, she was at Taiwan.
Her singing is pretty good as well.
You should check out her SnK cosplays too!

October 16, 2013

All-new Angry Birds Go! kart racing game coming Dec. 11

It's no secret that Rovio has a line of hits on its hands with the Angry Birds franchise, and the latest installment in the series is a downhill racing game. Any Birds Go! is not unlike kart racing games of the past like Mario Kart, with side-by-side racing taking you through difficult obstacles, collecting coins and taking out opponents along the way.

Rovio is also telling us up front that the game will be free-to-play, with several game modes and features included from the start. But we know there will be some kind of catch here, and can expect things such as kart customizations and unlocks to be managed through in-app purchases.

Ready to play? Rovio says that the game will be hitting Android (as well as other platforms) on December 11th.

[via Android Central]

[Download] Shingeki no Kyojin OST 2

Woke up to this sweet baby this morning!
Amazing music as always by Sawano.
Download here.

October 15, 2013

[Life] Time to throw my creativity into the new anime season

Friends, I have decided. The fandom/anime I will throw myself into this season (ie. create fanart and what not) will be MEGANEBU! So keep an eye out for my future works. :)
Meganebu! is one of those animes that you will either love or hate. 
The story is so ridiculously stupid (It's about 5 highschool boys who wears glasses and their interactions with each other; the story summary sounds boring, but they include jokes and emotional backstories), the art is so blinding (in terms of the colours used and drawing style), and everything seems so random.
Nevertheless, I fell in love with this series at first sight, and I think this anime deserves more love.
It's the faceless and nameless people that the producers were too lazy to draw.

Featured Wallpaper: Ghost in the Shell Building

October 14, 2013

Seiyuu appreciation post: Yusa Kouji

Love the blue streaks in his hair.

MeMuMo: Stars Come Out by Zedd

Title: Stars Come Out
Artist: Zedd
Year: 2011
Comments: Here is another Zedd song from a couple of years ago. Seems like I have been raving out Zedd songs recently. They pack some nice bass with some electronic/techno vibe to them.

October 13, 2013

Supplementary bishie post - Uroko-sama (Nagi no Asukara)

Oh look, just as I pressed the post button, Blogger's picture uploading function decides to work again. 
So you get double posts from me tonight.
Here's a screenshot of Uroko-sama (voiced by Tori-chan) from the anime Nagi no Asukara. 

[Life] This is a blog post

While I was afk at dinner tonight Megabubbletea messaged me, asking me if I could make a post on our blog today because he won't get home until much later. Of course I was happy to post. Unfortunately, Blogger is being stubborn tonight and won't let me upload pictures (I'm too lazy to learn html codes). So tonight you get to read this block of boring text instead of seeing pictures of bishies.
Let's see, what to talk about... Ah yes, I was chatting with Serah today and asked how her cosplay costume making was coming along since the event is about a month away, at which point she exclaimed: "Oh bugger(?), I forgot to ask <insert name> for her sewing machine. I should go do that soon."
Ack, I'm out of topics. Oh, hmm, well I'm currently seeking Namiwaka Daisuke's latest single "Jump Out Loud" and my searches haven't been successful, so I would be really happy if someone can find a source for the CD and let me know about it.
Ah yes, did anyone watch the Makai Ouji Niku Nama on Friday night (just passed)? It was really funny watching 5 men (Kakki, Terashi, Egu, Matsuoka and JunJun) spend under 1.5 hours eating yakiniku and drinking beer. Kakki downed 4 cups of beer within the first 45 minutes. Terashi ended up feeding Kakki his first piece of meat. Matsuouka was really quiet as usual and mostly focused on cooking meat for JunJun. Egu didn't eat much, despite him yelling out that he was really hungry. 
Alright, this should be a long enough post. And since the latest Magi episode finished downloading, I'm off to watch Magi!

October 12, 2013

What The Fox ACTUALLY Says!

Remember this post by Megabubbletea about a week ago? The "random" music video that sings about the noises that a fox makes. Well Animalist News tells us what the fox really says.

Miyano Mamoru teaches fans how to dance to Supernova

Last week Mamo held a live concert at Budokan. Many many fans and fellow seiyuus went to attend. In this video Mamo teaches the dance for Supernova so that fans could dance along with him at his live.

How many anime references can you spot in this week's Outbreak Company?

Too many titles!!
Note that at the back the magazines are called "Step", a rip off the shounen manga magazine "Jump".
Clearly, a rip off Miku.
Hataruku Maou sama, Railgun and Yondemasu yo azazel-san.
Clear a rip off Shingeki no Kyojin.

MeMuMo: Clarity (feat. Foxes) by Zedd

Title: Clarity (feat. Fixes)
Artist: Zedd
Year: 2012
Comments: It's been a while since my last music post, well here it is. Here is another catchy song by Zedd. If you heard Spectrum, you definitely will like Clarity as well.

October 11, 2013

Suzumura Kenichi's upcoming single PV preview released!

SuzuKen is releasing a new single at the end of October and Lantis uploaded the short PV for the upbeat song 「All right」 on Youtube. Check it out!

October 10, 2013

DECO*27 celebrates 5 years anniversary with Ai Kotoba II

Famous Vocaloid composer Deco*27 thanked his fans for their continual 5 years support by releasing a new song on his Youtube channel, Ai Kotoba II.
Part of the accompaniment and melody plays upon the nostalgic tune of Ai Kotoba.

Seiyuu appreciation post: Taniyama Kishow

Here's Kishow striking the SnK pose in front of a titan face.
Picture taken from Kishow's twitter.
Kishow voiced Jean in Shingeki no Kyojin. 

Final Fantasy VI Ported to Smartphones, Square Enix Open to Porting VII

Square Enix director and producer Takashi Tokita revealed in an interview with Kotaku that Final Fantasy VI will get an Android and iOS port. Tokita stated that there will be "enhancements" to the game including revising the battle system and sharpening the 2D graphics. He also hinted that if the mobile ports continue to do well, a Final Fantasy VII port could be next.

Square Enix will release an enhanced 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years in North America for iOS and mobile devices this winter. A mobile port of the Final Fantasy IV Nintendo DS 3D remake was released for iOS and Android in February. Square Enix released the Final Fantasy V mobile port in March.

[via ANN]

October 9, 2013

October 8, 2013

[Download] Free! - Iwatobi Channel Vol. 2 (イワトビちゃんねるVol.2)

Someone asked me to upload this CD. So here it is. The second Free! Radio CD, with booklet.
Download link: here.
Feel free to ask for other materials you want, and I'll try my best to share them with you.
Just give me a shout in our blog's comment box, or my twitter.

Miku teaches us how important electricity is

How important is electricity? You probably didn't realize that nearly everything we use requires some form of energy (electricity) to run. Miku simply teaches us how important electricity is in this illustration above.

When we ride public transport, use the computer, sleep with the air-con on, having the light on at night, playing our favourite music, rummaging through the fridge, singing a song or crossing the road; everything uses electricity. 

Unboxing Parody: Calculators

Have you ever watched those electronic gadget unboxing videos floating around the internet? Well you will feel right at home watching this parody unboxing video about calculators! Boring as it sounds, it is actually quite an entertaining video as the reviewer in the video dryly explains the functionality and tests on the three calculators featured in the video. Give the video a go, and I'm sure you would find it humorous.

October 7, 2013

The difference between Cosplay makeup fails and wins: Contouring

Cosplay update: I've been AWOL for awhile, collecting stuff, making stuff and trialing stuff for my second cosplay (hopefully a win). I've taken quite a lot of photos of the costume creation process, makeup trials process etc etc. But not wanting to spoil mah super surprise post, I've just decided to gather all this and last months stuff into one super big post on the whole process. Hopefully I'll be able to help some people out...

Anyhoow I'm here to discuss the findings of my most recent makeup trial. Contouring. 
I know, I know, I've talked about it before, but hopefully this photo will convince you of the necessity of contouring your face up for a photoshoot or a cosplay.
Crud. It's a little blurry, but if you note my make up-ed side of my face, you'll see much more shadows and it looks more three dimensional. (Plus my eye seems to have grown a size. BTW Great eye makeup tutorial here: http://wenqiann.deviantart.com/art/Cosplay-eye-makeup-tutorial-351629070)

Anyway, point is. No matter how awesome your costume is, the finishing touch is the makeup.

Stuff to contour with:
-Actual contour-highlight palettes

Contour/Highlight Tick-off list: 
-Nose bridge: (Contour both sides and highlight the middle)
- Just under the cheekbones for a slimmer looking face.
-Highlight your chin
-Highlight under your eyes.
-Highlight the middle of your forehead.
-Highlight Brow bone

Cosplay update: Sneaky peek +Wig

Megane bishies. Who's your type?

The five main characters from the new anime, Meganebu!
Kimata Hayato
Kamatani Mitsuki 
Hachimine Takuma
Minabe Yukiya
Souma, Akira
We are megane-bu~u~