September 6, 2013

PSP get. Otome heart unlocked!

I finally got my hands on a PSP thanks to my good friend Megabubbletea.
Although it is a third-hand hand-me-down, I am still very very excited.
First things first, time to put the games onto the memory card. (Computer says it's going to take 30 minutes... @[email protected])
What games did I put on it?
Well the main reason why I craved for a PSP is because most otome games run on this system. Including my very much loved... UTA NO PRINCE SAMA!! and Brothers Conflict.
//I quickly scanned the user manual while waiting for the files to transfer//
Next is to customize the machine and explore all the buttons.
Special Azusa theme from BroConf.
The long awaited moment... UTA NO PRINCE SAMA!! Start from game one: Repeat! (well technically this isn't the first UtaPri game, but Repeat is the revamped version of the original game, ie. it has better CGs).
Hello babies!! Mama is coming for you!! -kiss kiss-