September 1, 2013

[Lyrics] 14 to 1 (Azusa 梓 ver.)

Part 2 of lyrics translation request. But before the lyrics let me introduce to you the BroConf "click and drag" game available here.
I'm extra happy that Kaname is my bf, but not sure if I'd like to date a player. I do believe that, if anyone, it would be Hikaru to save me from trouble, and Tsubaki steals my first kiss >/////<

Current mood: I'm tempted to attempt to translate or give an overview of the mini drama that also came bundled with the BD/DVD1. Does anyone actually want it? [Please reply if you do, otherwise I won't bother, cos translating drama CDs takes a lot more effort than translating songs].

Description: Kanji lyrics, Romaji lyrics and English translated lyrics of 14 to 1 (Azusa ver.).
Note: I couldn't find the scans of the lyrics booklet, so I got the lyrics from hereThe parts in brackets ( ) in the English translation are there to help the meaning flow smoother.
The key thing to note in Azusa's version is that he uses the "polite form".

Kanji lyrics


どうすればいいの 教えてほしい



My Sister
哀しみさえ 切なささえ 引き受けるから!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!  I need your love.

Romaji lyrics


Dousure baii no oshiete hoshii
Nakaseru tsumori nante nakatta no ni
Egao hitotsu de shiawase ni sasete yo
Ni juu yon jikan kimi o omotteru yo

Ganbatteru kimi (Ouen shiteru)
Massugu na kimi (An shin sasetai)
Amai miruku kyandi
Boku no koe ga suki deshou?
Minitabu kara
Yuuwaku sasete
Haato bureiku!

My Sister
Mechakucha ni aishiteru! 
Yasashii dakeno kisu naraii no kai?
Gomen... Dakishimetai yo
Kanashimi sa e Setsuna sasa e Hikiukeru kara! 
Imasugu ni subete wo azukete

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!  I need your love

English translation


Please tell me what I should do.
It was never my intention to make you cry.
I want to make you happy with my smile.
I keep thinking about you day and night.

For you who gives your best for everything, I'll cheer you on (I'll give you my support).
For the honest you, I want to give you reassurance. 
Just like sweet milk candy,
Do you like my voice?
Let me seduce you 
From your ears (aka. Azusa means he'll tempt you with his voice)
I'm suffering from a heart break!

My sister,
I've fallen madly in love with you,
Is it alright to give you a gentle kiss?
I'm sorry, but I really want to give you a hug.
Even if there's sadness and pain, I'll accept it all!
So entrust everything to me now.
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love.