September 15, 2013

[Download] Passage - Miyano Mamoru

So what's the extra seiyuu post I mentioned in my previous post? (Picture kind of gives it away lol)
Well some kind hearted soul shared Mamo's new album Passage!
And :O :O :O it's MAMOLICIOUS~~ Download here.
This album is pure perfection.
I love "THANK YOU (reprise)". It was my favourite song from your Kanon single, and you made even 'awesomer' in your album.
You show off your amazing vibrato voice with track 5 - 愛の詩~Ulyssesの宴~, a jazzy kind of song.
:O You remixed "Golden Night" so darn awesome. "passage," feels like a typical Mamo song, very similar to his early career style.
I'm crying from the lyrics of his last song "未来", it's so sweet and beautiful!

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