September 17, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 12 (Final) [v.P]

Hey Bro! It's that time of the week again!
This is the last episode!!
I'm absolutely sobbing my eyes out after watching this final episode. My precious boys!
It was a very nicely wrapped ending!
Conflict 12: Affections.
We time skip to Spring.
Ema worries about Subaru being away from home, and she wonders if he's eating and sleeping properly. Masaomi comes and tells her that he's contacted Subaru and everything's okay. Then Masaomi says that Kaname has to go to the Head Temple, and Iori is going to study overseas. Then Ema comments how the family feels like it's separating, and that she feels sad over the split.
Okay this is adorable.
Yuusuke gets really happy for Ema because she got into the university of her choice and he goes and hugs her and he actually laughs for her sake. But Yuusuke didn't make it into the same uni as Ema.
All my feels!!
Kaname has to go the the Main Temple to serve (ie. has to live away from the apartment), so Kaname says goodbye to Ema.
Kaname: Won't you call me Onii-chan before I go?
Ema: Eh?....
Kaname: -chuckles- Well, I'm leaving now. -walks out the door-
Ema: Itterashai... Onii-chan.
And then it's time to say goodbye to Iori.
Iori: Will you look after the flowers after I'm gone?
[Iori don't talk like you're about to die!!!]
Wataru! I.... ROFL.
Iori reassures Ema's needed in the family.
Azusa and Tsubaki both text Ema to ask her out on a date as congratulations for getting into uni.
Yessss the twins route!!
-sigh- Ema KO'ed the twins again.
Ema: I've finally found my answer. I... really like both of you. But... as brothers.
And yet afterwards both Tsubaki and Azusa confess to Ema again.
So many feels tonight. Crying right now even though I'm not a Subaru fan.
Subaru: Right now I'm still not good enough. Just wait, I'll definitely become a man (for you)... and I want you to see me as a man when that time comes.
In the process of being converted to a Subaru fan. I should go play his route now.
Just had to post this because of Wataru's face.
D'awwww more Yuusuke feels.
He ends up actually passing his entrance exams cos he didn't give up before and so he and Ema can go to the same uni.
For once Fuuto isn't being a jerk. He congratulates Ema for graduating on stage, and gives his fans (her) an "inviting" message.
;_; Natsume's face after getting rejected.
Dude, he just finished smoking and now he kisses you? Ewwwwwww
Oh goodness it ended. I'm crying. Like bawling my eyes out. These overflowing emotions. For my dear brothers. Someone give me tissues.
Ahahah this week's endcard. Ahahaha the other end of Subaru's chain ;)