September 11, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 11 [v.P]

Hey Bro! It's that time of the week! Only 2 more episodes to go!
(A slight delay in obtaining the raws this week, hence the late post.)
Conflict 11: Love and Hate.

 (Because life is all about happy rainbows)
Time skip to end of January, and it's almost time for Ema to take her entrance exams, except her only problem is that her grades suck! (She got a D)
Wataru, being the straight forward kid, blurts out that Ema better not mess up her entrance exam otherwise the family will be worried. And her family tries to make her feel better by turning their attention to Yuusuke and teasing him about how much worse off his school results are.
Hahah my stomach hurts from laughing. 
Wataru...YOU... I don't know whether to slap you because of your INNOCENCE or to hug you. Wataru tries to cheer Ema up by giving her "presents" in the form of hand-made coupons (you know the ones you made as a kid to give to your parents, like a free massage or wash the car). Except Wataru's coupons include: a lend-a-hand coupon, a let's-play-a-game coupon, and a I'll-give-you-100-kisses coupon! After which upon hearing about the latter coupon Yuusuke pretty much spits out all the food in his mouth! And Ukyo's like "What on earth are you doing Wataru?". And Wataru throws on his innocent face and asks in his innocent voice: "Is something wrong Kyo-tan?"
Subaru accepts the invitation to become a pro-basketballer. He says he'll wait for her until she finished her exams, and Azusa said pretty much the same thing too.
Even the cold Fuuto calls Ema up to give her his well wishes.
Kaname: Even your sigh is cute, imouto-chan.
Don't tell me, they're gonna do the whole "Iori backstory" in the remaining 2 eps...
Kyaaaa The Conflicts!
Natsume (hugging Ema): ...Nevertheless I still cannot put away these feelings. You are my..."
-cue Subaru eavesdropping on their conversation-
Subaru: What...are you two doing?.... Let go of her!
Natsume: Subaru...
Subaru: I told you to let go of her!!
*Subaru punches Natsume in the face*
Ema: Stop it!!
Natsume: No, it's okay.
Subaru: What the heck...
Natsume (to Ema): There's something I've wanted to say,... I like you.
Subaru: Don't mess with me!... I won't lose to you!
Subaru reminisces about his happy childhood with Natsume.
Okay Young!Natsume is adoooorrrable!!!
 Endcard. -drools-