September 3, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 10 [v.P]

Hey Bro! It's that time of the week again!
Advanced apologies that I'm not going to spam much this week because: 1) This frame killed me when they aired it at the 4:28 mark, so much that I had trouble focusing in the rest of the episode, 
The producers are out to kill me,
by putting my two most treasured boys in the same frame.

and 2) My home internet died again, so I'm using my phone internet and it is super slow, so I can't upload many pictures.

Conflict 10: Equinoctial week (when Buddhist services are held)
We time skip to when Azusa recovers and comes back home.
Kaname invites everyone (mainly Ema) to attend a festival that his work place is hosting.
Yuusuke why are you wearing a padlock?
Yuusuke: What's with the poses on this poster?
Kaname: These are my co-workers. The hottest one among them is, of course, me. 
I'm having difficulty catching Kaname's sugar phrases this week :/
Kaname: If you ever want a pillow to hug through the night, I can sleep right next to you. (Or something along those lines).
Ukyo gets super annoyed with Kaname flirting with Ema, and so he decides to hit Kaname with his frying pan (lol).
People not ending up going to the festival: Yuusuke, because he needs to study for his uni entrance exams since he wants to go to the same school as Ema; Tsubaki, I guess he has his seiyuu work; Iori; Louis, guess he has work also; Juli, because Ema just forgot about him.
Hikaru causes conflict among his brothers by asking whether anything happened between Natsume and Ema when she stayed at his place last episode, thus causing Natsume to spit out his coffee; and asking whether anything happened between Azusa and Ema during his stay at the hospital. Of course, both try to avoid Hikaru's question. 
The only time I feel sorry for Juli.
Juli: Chi... why do you always forget about me?
[You poor thing!]
And Ema sister-zones all her bros with just one sentence.
Ema: But I want to become closer to everyone as a family.
 *le rockets off this planet with this endcard!*