August 20, 2013

[Translation] Kuroko no Basket Taiwan Event Report

Last Saturday (17-Aug-2013) there was a special KuroBasu event at Taiwan's Comic Exhibition. Seiyuus Ono Kenshou (Kuroko) and Suwabe Junichi (Aomine) were invited as guests, where they held a Q&A session, a signing session, an "アフレコ" (dubbing) session and played games with fans.
Left: Suwabe (Aomine), Right: OnoK (Kuroko)
GNN Gamer reports the details of the event (in Chinese). I will provide an English translation of the report below.

Along with Suwabe and OnoK, another member of the Generation of Miracles, Suzumura Kenichi (Murasakibara), appeared as a surprised guest, who came on stage presenting two bouquets of flowers for Suwabe and OnoK. Since SuzuKen was to hold a separate mini-concert later that evening (in Taiwan), so he decided to give his fans an early greeting at the KuroBasu event (Unfortunately he didn't stay long).
(Hear the fangirls screaming. Suwabe's mandarin is funny "你是誰?"/Who are you?)
Q: This is the second time that OnoK and Suwabe are in Taiwan, and this is SuzuKen's first time. What are your thoughts about coming to Taiwan this time?
OnoK: Overall, the people are very friendly, the food is delicious and I'm very grateful for everybody's support so that I can come to Taiwan again. This time I get to perform with Suwabe and Suzumura. Also, everyone check out my hair, Kise came to Taiwan too! [laughs]

Suwabe: Very comfortable. All the men are good looking and the ladies are very cute~~!

SuzuKen: Hi everyone! Although this is my first time in Taiwan, but it certainly doesn't feel that way. I feel like I'm back home. When I turned the television on at the hotel, I was very surprised to discover that there's so many (Japanese) anime airing (in Taiwan)!

Q: What are your thoughts regarding the upcoming second season (of KuroBasu)?
OnoK: When I heard the news (of second season) I was ecstatic. I believe that everyone's support will be a great motivation for our performance in second season.

Suwabe: We will give it our best in the second season. I hope everyone will continue to support us! [Speaks in Mandarin] 超高興!(Super excited!)

SuzuKen: Uh, I didn't really get to show up in season 1, I finally get to speak in season 2! I just kept eating in season 1, I finally get to play basketball in season 2! I'm really happy. If second season gets just as much support as season 1, then perhaps I'll get the chance to visit Taiwan again!
Q: What do you most anticipate about this trip to Taiwan?
OnoK: Last year I didn't get the chance to visit Jiufen, so I must go this year, and take lots of photos as memories!

Suwabe: This time my trip to Taiwan is really short, so I really anticipate being able to interact with fans!
Q: What's your favourite food?
OnoK: Gyoza (Dumplings)! I love to eat gyoza!

Suwabe: I love to eat noodles. I ate noodles when I came to Taiwan, it was really delicious!
Q: When you recorded KuroBasu, was there anything in particular that you had to look out for?
OnoK: Because of Kuroko's personality, I try my best not to be over emotional.

Suwabe: Aomine has a very strong/stubborn personality, I hope I can bring out his superior side as well as his weaknesses.
Q: Your characters (Kuroko and Aomine) were best buddies in the Teikou arc, so when you were recording, was there any interesting compatibility stories?
OnoK: About this... probably because I'm always too absorbed in my performance, so I can't really seem to remember...

We would practice our lines together, and during the official recording session, we would use our eyes and arms to silently communicate with each other (Suwabe demonstrates how he moves around).
Q: Was there any particular scenes (from the anime) that left a deep impression on you?
OnoK: The match between Kuroko and Aomine, where Kuroko believed that he would never lose. His (Kuroko's) determination and never-giving-up attitude left a deep impression on me.

The match between Aomine and Kise. Although halfway through the match Aomine was met with adversaries, but in the end he overcame the problems and beat Kise. The feeling of winning feels fabulous!
Q: What impressions do you have of each other's characters?
OnoK: Aomine is too strong. He's a very cool and sturdy character. He's someone that males would look up to.

Suwabe: Although Kuroko's presence is weak, but in contrast, I feel that his will/heart is the strongest.
Q: If you could perform as another character, who would you pick?
OnoK: Midorima. I want to try shooting three-pointers while looking cool.

I love Aomine the most! So I never imagined acting as other characters.
Q: As Kuroko (OnoK) and Aomine (Suwabe), how do you view Kise and each other (Aomine/Kuroko)?
OnoK: In Kuroko's viewpoint, I would be a bit jealous of Kise, because Kuroko works really hard to achieve his goals, while Kise easily learns the tricks. Regarding Aomine, he always stays behind to practice with Kuroko, he is a character that has pure love for basketball, his basketball skills are also excellent, so I think that Kuroko would be in admiration of Aomine.

In Aomine's viewpoint, Kuroko and him were best buddies, but now are rivals. I think he (Aomine) would want to see Kuroko to keep growing (in character), and play ball together. About Kise... he's frivolous [laughs], but he's become stronger lately, so I think he would be a good opponent.
Q: Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?
OnoK: I truly thank everyone for your support, especial fans from Taiwan. Season 2 of KuroBasu is currently in the making, so everyone is giving their best and practising really hard.

Suwabe: Everyone is working hard, trying to give the best acting from the bottom of our hearts. So please continue to support us. [He changes to Aomine's voice] The only one who can beat me are Taiwan fans!