August 5, 2013

Serah's Basic Cosplay Makeup

Finally! We get to what I'mm actually here for! Cosplay makeup! Welps people, I have been searching and watching tutorials and everything and this is the fruits of my labor! My basic cosplay makeup is especially for cosplay noobs and people who want and easily adaptable base so here goes!

Stuff you'll definitely need:
- eyelid tape if you don't have double eyelids (though there is actually a way to get around this, guess you'll just have to stay tuned for my next tutorial ;))
 - brown eyeshadow
 - a black eyeliner that DOESN'T SMUDGE <-- Super Important
 - A white eyeliner
 - upper fake eyelashes
 - lower fake eyelashes
 - concealer
 - a decent water soluble glue stick ( I used elmer's)
 - foundation (want a guide to picking your foundation? Stay tuned :P)
 - bronzer ( once again, there's a way to get around this one as well but you'll need some brown eyeshadow which you should probably already have if you're actually paying attention to this guide at all)


 1. Ok before you go bonkers with that foundation, glue down your eyebrows and put on your fake eyelashes first.
 2. Sweet. Now conceal your eyebrows ( disclaimer: I happen to have lost my good concealer and this is just a shabby substitute with some creme foundation)

And foundation up! (ahhh foundation... IRL's airbrush)
 3. I added some creme brown eyeshadow to stop my eyelid art from running together. Use primer or what-evs handy.
 3. Ok next slightly more difficult but not really that difficult part. open your eye reaaally wide and line your eyelid crease, this'll make it look deeper and it'll come out better on camera.
 Yeaah! Line that crease!

 This is how it kinda looks with your eyes closed.
4. now get your white eyeliner and line that waterline! Go a bit over the border and line 2-3 mms below your actual lashline
5. Ok, now outline the whole lot with your black eyeliner. Remember to get the inner eye corner as well!
 6. Curl and mascara up dem lashes.
 7. Add your fake lashes. Most people trim their falsies before putting then on, but now that your eye is now fabulously enlarged you'll need the extra bits.
 8. Fake bottom lashes. Much shorter and harder to hold therefore the tweezers.

Oh! and remember to let the eyelash glue dry to tackiness before sticking 'em on. Makes life muuuuch easier.
 9. Draw on your eyebrow and you're done!
 10. ....Or not. Contouring!! Important if you want to look rainbows-and-unicorns fabulous in dem photos. Stupid glare's on this photo, but you'll notice on the left of my nose there's a brown line. Said line is made up of brown eye shadow, smudge it out for an anime-tiny nose.

annnd (optional)
11. Nude lipstick with a touch of lipstain in the middle.

Notice the diffrence in my pupils? Circle lenses. A worthy cosplay investment. (I may or may not have just gotten too lazy to stick the other one in)
Speaking of investment. Seriously. Don't go to the drugstore to buy a set of >$10 lashes. Go on ebay and get the same pair for 99c.

Playing with my drawn-on eyebrows. Hehe