August 29, 2013

Nintendo announces 2DS. My reaction: What!?

My first initial impression of the Nintendo 2DS was: what was Nintendo thinking? This looks like a child's toy. Although it seems a bit weird, the 2DS still features everything the 3DS has except the 3D and without a clamshell design.

While Nintendo was the first to offer a 3D console, it seems the move hasn't worked as well as the company had hoped: in October, it will launch onto the market a new device called the 2DS.

The big selling point of the 2DS will be its price point. In the US, it will retail for US$129.99, compared to the 3DS, which retails for US$169. In Australia, the 3DS retails for AU$199; the 2DS will come in at AU$149.95.

For gamers with a lower budget, the 2DS could be a real winner, allowing access to Nintendo's latest handheld games and the Nintendo eShop, something that the DS can't provide. It also has Wi-Fi and the 3DS' dual cameras, while a sleep switch on the bottom performs the same function as closing the 3DS.

The new console will be available in two colours, blue and red, on 12 October in Australia. A carrying case will retail separately.