August 18, 2013

[Download] Karneval Character Single #4 - Karoku + Uro

Yes! I finally found the dl (here) for Karneval character single #4! I've been craving for this CD since my Suwababy is singing!
The vocal coordination of this pair, Souichirou + Suwabe, still cannot beat CD #3 with OnoD and Hirarin. But I really love the instrumental accompaniment in this song. 
FYI: Their song is titled 'vanitas vanitatum'.  vanitas vanitatum means "vanity of vanities, futility (frequently as an exclamation of disillusionment or pessimism). The phrase is late Latin and comes from the Vulgate translation of Ecclesiastes 1:2." (thanks Google!) This makes sense considering the personalities of these two characters, in particular Uro is a trickster, and Karoku is a character full of mysteries.