August 6, 2013

Game Day blog #4

Today, I got my IP issues fixed, and played Cube World with your old pal Diluen (MegaBubbletea). We only played for a brief amount of time, but we had fun running around the cube world, getting attacked by enemies everywhere.

In other news, I finally decided to buy Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky from ebay. After Looking all over the Gold Coast for a copy, but finding none, I turned towards ebay to aid in my quest. However, not a single person in Australia was selling this game! I anxiously checked the page again and again for days, and, lo and behold, a listing appeared, selling exactly what I desired.
So it should arrive at my doorstep by Wednesday or Thursday. I can't wait to get my rescue team started!

In other, other news, I HATE TIFA!!!!!!
As you know, I've been playing Dissidia for the past couple of days. However, I've hit quite a wall. I'm just playing the campaign, smashing through all my foes as Lightning, pretty much neglecting the rest of my party. So I'm pretty much at the end of the campaign, and the boss fight requires my party to duel the opponent party However, each of my party members are required to face an enemy. Vaan's fight was simple enough. No worries there. Then comes Tifa's round. WHY!? Not only is she under levelled for the fight, her entire fighting style just does not suit me! I generally play by dodging all attacks, waiting for the choice moments to dash in and strike. I gather enough bravery to 1HKO the opponent, and I go in for the execution. However, Tifa's attack don't generate enough bravery for my liking, as well as having to get ultra close to use her attacks. I've found that using my HP attacks more often does improve my performance, but It's still incredibly frustrating. I gave up in the story fight, and decided to grind my characters to level them up in custom matches. Playing Tifa, I choose the same opponent on average difficulty, a difficulty level I am generally very comfortable with, but I still have a very hard time. I guess all I can do now is just grind and practice and grind some more!
Sorry about the long rant. I needed to blow off some steam!

Till next time ~