August 4, 2013

Game Day blog #3

Dear diary...

Today, I was playing Minecraft with a bunch of friends. I haven't played Minecraft in a while so I was eager to hop in and muck around. We had a Minecraft Hunger Games tournament, where we were thrown into an arena to duke it out, with hidden chests containing equipment and items dotted around. Fun times were had!

You could imagine the anticipation of coming across another player, hoping they don't have some godly equipment. When night time came about, the other players are the least of your problems. In the first game, I was taken out by a skeleton archer. Upon death, players respawn back at base as a sponsor. They climb the staircase all the way to the top of the arena, and drop loot onto the remaining tributes.
I managed to win the third round, with my sneaking around, and finally being able to shoot down my last opponent.

Unfortunately, the action was so intense I didn't get any screenshots in game. Your imagination will have to suffice.

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