August 14, 2013

Doctor Who Easter egg hidden in Google Maps

A humble police box in London in Google Street View is just a little bigger on the inside.

The new 2013 season of Doctor Who brought with it a brand new TARDIS interior design. Now, thanks to Google Street View, you can explore it.

A humble police telephone box on Earl's Court Road in London has the Doctor's time and space machine inside.

To get in, head over to this link, mouse over the screen and double-click the double white arrows that appear in front of it. For users of the new Google Maps beta, try pressing the up arrow key, or open the link in Chrome's incognito mode.

And it's not just a static image, either. You can click around and get a close look at the control panels, head up and down the stairs and pan around using the mouse so as not to miss a single detail.

Alas, you can't open any of the doors to find out what else the TARDIS is hiding, but we guess a Doctor does need to keep some things to himself.

[via CNET]