August 27, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 9 [v.P]

HEY BRO! It's that time of the week again!! And we're gonna see Juli in his human form (or so the rumours say)...Will we??
Conflict 9: Illusion/Fantasy.
What did Ema see on the sheet of paper from last week's episode?

Answer: She is adopted!
Ema gets depressed after finding out that she is adopted, and she thinks she is an "unneeded person", not belonging to any sort of family because she was thrown away by her real parents. Natsume finds her sitting on a bench in a park drenched in rain. Natsume worries over her welfare, offering to call home, but Ema immediately refuses saying there's no such need to bother others nor any desire to go home. Natsume doesn't really understand the situation/her feelings, but he invites her to stay at his apartment at the mean time.
Why do I suspect a "dangerous" scene coming up? lol
Natsume names his two cats Azusa and Tsubaki.
Natsume: So what's wrong? It's okay, you don't have to force yourself to talk, but I just want to help you out wherever I can.
[They're bringing out Natsume's caring side this week!!!]
Natsume: Wait! *grabs her hand and pulls her into a hug* You're not an unneeded person.
Taking advantage of a maiden's broken heart.
Natsume has a six-pack!! *Gou-face-sparkle--MUSCLES*

Ema gets into housewife mode and makes Natsume breakfast. He gets jealous that his brothers get to enjoy her cooking everyday.
The next morning Louis, along with Juli, comes to pick Ema up. Natsume actually contacted the other Asahina bros while Ema was taking a shower.
JULI!! You crack me up.
lol The only thing on Louis' mind is arranging Ema's hair.
Louis invites Ema to the park and row a boat. I guess to help her take her mind off her troubles.
Louis: I can understand Chi-chan's feelings.
Ema: Eh?
Louis: That's because I'm the same as Chi-chan. I'm adopted too.
Only the first 7 oldest bros knows that Louis is adopted, the younger ones didn't know and treated him like their real brother. Miwa also treated them equally. At a stage in Louis' life he felt lost and disconnected to his brothers, but eventually overcame the awkward barrier thanks to everyone's support.
Young Asahinas!!
Louis says he understands the thoughts going through Ema's head, and he reassures her that he wants her as part of his family.
Louis: "What's important isn't the blood ties, what connects us together are our hearts."
A peck on the cheek from Louis!
HERE IT IS!! JULI IN HIS HUMAN FORM. He appears in her dreams.
So Juli's transformation to human form is basically just to explain how Rintarou adopted Ema. (But in the game Rintarou himself explains to Ema).
Juli: Chi's smiling face is the best.
Juli: There's something I must tell you, I love you. *kiss*
Note that he uses the more formal "愛してるよ" (Ai shiteru yo), not just "すきだよ" (Suki da yo).
[Getting confessed to by your pet squirrel... =="]
Everyone welcomes Ema back home with their own version of "Okaeri". Ema feels more assured of her place in the family. Ema reminisces about what Louis said before when they were in the park: "What's important isn't the blood ties, what connects us together are our hearts."
Wataru appreciation post because he hardly gets air time.
Endcard!! I think this picture makes more sense/more feels if you knew what Iori's background is. **SPOILER** Iori has a dead girlfriend that looks like Ema, and hence he is infatuated with her. Kaname gave Iori the cross necklace (with the beads) saying that it's a memento from his dead girlfriend, which is a lie that Kaname made up in the hopes to make Iori's emotions more stable.