August 21, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 8 [v.P]

Hey Bro! Apologies for the lateness of this post. My annoying internet/modem was playing up again. I wasn't able to connect to my life the internet for 90% of today, and I am indeed rather annoyed about that.
But here is my weekly fangirl dump.
Conflict 8: Nightmare.
The main focus of this episode is the relationship between Azusa and Tsubaki, and Tsubaki confronting his deepest feelings. This episode takes from volume 5 and volume 6 of the original novel series (*spoiler warning, reading the novels may spoil your anime experience).

Recap of Azusa fainting from last week.
 :'( Tsubaki's worried face
>A> Azusa! Don't die!!
Ever since reading the novel, I'm more accepting of this pair.
It pains me to see Tsubaki's sad face, especially when he talks about how since Azusa and him were born from the same egg they could always sense each other even without being physically next to each other, but now Tsubaki can't sense Azusa at all.
Tsubaki blames himself for being such a mean person, yelling at Azusa before.
Ema goes to the hospital to visit Azusa, and she bumps into Azusa and Natsume.
Cos I need some Ukyo spam.
Louis appreciation picture.
Oh Wataru baby, don't cry. Let onee-chan give you a hug.
No killer lines from Kaname this week :(
As titled for this conflict it's Nightmares. Tsubaki gets a series of nightmares, including Masaomi telling him the grave news that Azusa is dead and Ema telling him that she can't go out with him. Lastly, he wakes up to Natsume and then pinches his face just to prove it's real.
== What is background art?
Just like the novels, Azusa gets meningitis, but it's not to the stage where he can't be healed.
Azusa confesses!!
Azusa (to Ema): What do you think of Tsubaki?
Ema: I love him... as a brother.
A: As a man?
E: Regarding this... I don't know. But I'm thankful that you came to save me/stop Tsubaki that time (when Tsubaki force kissed her on the sofa).
A: You're wrong. I don't deserve your thanks. It's just as Tsubaki says, I had every intention of interfering.  I... like you. Not as a brother. But as a man!
Tsubaki feels guilty for being rude to Azusa previously, because he was busy fighting for Ema's love, and so he feels he's not worthy to see Azusa. Tsubaki feels that he should bear all the blame for Azusa falling sick because he told Azusa to take the anime role. Natsume plays the role of support pillar to his family members again.
Tsubaki sleeps with a Chibi!Azusa pillow! How cute is that!! Also, I want an ice cream dakimakura now.
Even though Azusa is hospitalized, he still wants to keep up to date with current manga/anime news, so he mails a list of books/mangas/DVDs for Masaomi to buy [Azusa is very hard working ^^]. But Masaomi has no idea about these things, so Ema offers to help out, and Yuusuke tags along shopping.
lol because I like to "Resd" my books.
Tsubaki finally gathers the courage to face Azusa and apologize to him. Of course, Azusa forgives him.
Foreshadowing: Ukyo tells Ema that the paperwork for her passport are ready at his office for her to collect... what "truths" will Ema uncover next week....?