August 13, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 7 [v.P]

Hey Bro! It's that time of the week again! Conflict 7: Limit.
I am drooling and kissing my computer screen right now thanks to this week's endcard! I've already set it as my wallpaper.
That kiss mark!!

So thanks to Wataru's nagging Masa-nii suggests that everyone takes a holiday to New Caledonia.
Slaps Yuusuke. You pervert! He stares at Ema's butt while thinking "Since we're going to (stay at) a resort, that means she's gonna wear her swimmers."
 Lol these two.
Brotherly love, eh.
But before their family holiday, since Ema and Yuusuke are in their third year, they will be having their last school festival, and their class decided to host a Butler Tea Cafe. In comes one of Kaname's short killer lines: "If imouto-chan makes me tea, I'll definitely drink it."
I just wanted to spam Azusa. But this is foreshadowing for next week; Azusa has a terrible headache but he still pushes himself on to go to work. He eventually faints at the middle and end of this episode, and in the preview it looks like Azusa needs to go to hospital.
Falling asleep on the living room couch can be dangerous in a house full of men... Surely you've learnt your lesson from last week Ema!
As I said, it's dangerous.
 Tsubaki spam pic.
First half is pretty much Yuusuke and Fuuto fighting over their onee-san.
 Thanks Juli, you made my night.
 Yeah, this is where Azusa faints and Ema (somehow) falls on top of him... I don't even know how that works.
 Kyyaaaaa~ Male!Hikaru.
And he's using his manly voice!! -rolls rolls rolls-
 Yuusuke's dressed up as a butler for their class Butler Cafe.
 Meanwhile, Fuuto dresses up as a vampire.
 Get off her Fuuto!
Just as Fuuto closes in to kiss her, Ema gets flashback of all her bros and pushes Fuuto away. ... Why didn't she do that with Tsubaki last time?
Tsubaki notices Fuuto's kiss mark on Ema's neck and he gets furious. He confronts her and pulls her into a kiss, only to be stopped by Asuza. When Tsubaki asked Azusa whether he likes Ema, Azusa changed the topic saying that "He's only concerned for Tsubaki".