August 6, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 6 [v.P]

HEY BRO! It's that time of the week again. Things are finally heating up in Conflict 6: Photograph.

My heart is beating out of my chest right now, and I'm slightly out of breath, thanks to Tsubaki!
There's more confessions, teasing and kissing in this week's ep! See more 'action scenes' and script summaries below.
Me after watching Conflict 6.

Spazzing at how adorable this couple/triplet is.
Did Azusa just change his hair style? Well once again we time jump in the story timeline, it's the opening ceremony for Ema's highschool, and she said that she's in second year now, so I guess we jumped from March (last ep) to around July/August?? Oooo wait I know what's different! his glasses!
Cue fangirls screams as Fuuto enters Ema's highschool. (and Yuusuke getting annoyed at having more competition)
Juli gets a "bad feeling" at home. He's so cute. I can't wait to see him in his human form.
Fuuto...why do you leave your shirt unbuttoned? (lol)
Geez Fuuto you big teaser. Wanna slap you so badly.
Brains Base, WHAT IS ART QUALITY? :@
Masaomi's looking at the photos that Ema took at the entrance ceremony.
Kaname butts in: "Ehh, not bad. Imouto-chan, why don't you let me be your model (for photograph) this time. Just you and me."
[\le me rockets off this planet.]
Wataru chucking a hissy fit cos no one is paying him attention.
They dig out old family photo albums. Chibi Natsume and Subaru!! Cutie pies!!
Iori: What's wrong Ema? You don't look so well.
Ema: Well, it's about Subaru and Natsume...
Iori: Don't worry, everything will be fine, we're brothers/sisters after all. *places hand on Ema's shoulder* Smile more, I've give you a pretty flower as a present.
[Iori taking advantage of the situation...nasty guy, Tch tch.]
Because a normal sister would hang up photos of her brothers on her wall and stare at them day and night...Ema obviously has a BroComplex.
Tsubaki looks super creepy here. Well he did just see Ema stare at young Azusa's photo, so he's jealous max.
Tsubaki: You're treasuring these photos a lot, as if they're photos of your boyfriend (Emphasis on the 'boyfriend').
Ema: Eh? They're just family photos.
Tsubaki: Is that really all there is to it? Can I believe you?
I really need you!
I know I'm a bad person, I've hurt you for my own personal gain.
 Turn up the heat!
My heart is almost beating out of my chest. SuzuKen's "I love you" and "I won't give you to anyone else", he said it in his low sexy voice, and I'm going all Kyaaaa. It's a shame that Azusa came and interrupted the kiss, and then Azusa's like "I'm not forceful(?) like Tsubaki, but I'm (my feelings) are the same as his."