July 25, 2013

Serah's Plays #1: Portal

<warning: sort of plot spoilers>

Welps people, Rhycen finally managed to persuade me to make a steam account about two or three weeks ago and one of my first purchases was the much reknowned Portal. My first impression was that it was an amusing first person adventure-ish puzzle game. The sort-of narration by the GlaDOS system was funny in a morbid sense but quickly got more sinister with the advent of the little killer robots with their creepy cutesy voices.
"In dangerous testing environments the Enrichment center promises to always provide useful advice. For instance, the floor here will kill you - try to avoid it"
Avoid murky looking suspiciously puke-green floor. Got it.
You average gamer has no fear of failure or death, the most that can happen is respawning after forgetting to save which is annoying but certainly not fatal. Unfortunately I have yet to reach that nirvana in which you realize and can actually apply the fact that video games have no bearing whatsover on your personal character or life in general. Therefore the next levels after the escape where stressful to say the least - enter GLaDOS being a creepster constant voice in the background and tense background music = a very stressed out Serah.

"I'm not kidding now, turn back or I will kill you."
Of course once again, to your average gamer these threats are amusingly obsolete. To me I actually felt a sense of threat to my bodily self which was rather silly but present nonetheless. When I finally arrived at the boss chamber I gave in and watched a youtube playthrough. T'was surprisingly easy. But according to Rhycen, I probably completely ruined the game for by looking at all those guides and things. I therefore vow to play Portal 2 without looking at a guide! Unless you know I really get stuck... urmm I can't actually promise that since I've already had a peek at a guide for Portal 2 ummm...I shall endeavor not to look at anymore guides!

Till next time~