July 30, 2013

Rhycen has entered the game!

Hey there, remember me? No? Well I guess that's to be expected. I've been quite "busy" (read lazy), so I haven't posted here in ages. Well, I'm back and ready to rumble!

What will I be posting this time? Well, I'll be posting gaming related stuff that happens to matter to me. I'm not really one to look up gaming updates constantly to get the latest scoop as quickly as possible, but if anything is particularly interesting to me I'll be sure to post it here. Other than that, I'll post my gaming activity; games I've been playing, interesting experiences I have while gaming, and other stuff like that. I'll try to be frequent in my posts, and I hope you read them all. My life is just so incredibly interesting after all!

I'll just briefly bring you all up to speed on my gaming so far:

  • Due to recent sales on Steam, my game library has expanded yet again. I've yet to even start a lot of my games. 
  • I bought Civ V, which I've been enjoying with friends. 
  • I just started playing Final Fantasy 7 on Steam, and I'll be playing that pretty regularly. 
  • Bought FEZ and started playing that. It's such an amazing game and so well made in every aspect. 
  • I recently installed Dark Souls on Steam, and I'm looking forward to getting into that. However I need to work out some controller issues first before I can enjoy it properly.
  • Outside of Steam, I bought into the Cube World alpha, and it's been very enjoyable. For an alpha, it's very well made, and I'm very excited about future improvements and updates.
  • I haven't played League of Legends regularly for a couple of weeks now, due to my over abundance of other games to play, and also because I hate that god-awful game. However I occasionally play with friends if I happen to be in the mood for a game or two.
  • As for my greatest love, Starcraft 2, I have been out of the game since the beginning of the year. I had a 5 month long LoL phase, which left no time for SC2. Also, I have almost no friends that play SC2, and almost all of them play LoL, so that's how I justify my abandoning of my favourite game. I'm always looking for opportunities to get back into the game so hopefully that'll happen some time soon.
  • I'm looking to start playing Tera Online soon, since it's now free to play. For those who don't know, Tera is an MMO with a focus on action oriented combat. It was initially released with a subscription model, but has since become free to play. The combat is quite similar to Monster Hunter, but more fantasy MMO-ish. It's the kind of game I was looking for when I started playing Guild Wars 2, so I'm pretty keen to start playing. That'll be sometime within the next couple of weeks.

Due to my studies, my gaming will become less frequent in the next month or so, so please bear with me.

That's enough from me for now.
May all your games be noob free!