July 15, 2013

My Debut!

OK, ok not exactly my real debut, since I used to have a personal blog, but 'tis my new grande debut into the Mbt team! I have to say I feel like a kid in a candy store - so many topics to cover~so many options~

Even though, I have signed myself down to be the resident noob cosplayer, I have the attention span of a sugar high ADD child and therefore will deviate all over the place depending on what strikes my particular taste of fancy of the week.

I bet Mbt is regretting his brash decision in recruiting me.

SO without further ado,

je presente moi!

Or... you know, moi with a pink wig and suitably copious amounts of filtering and makeup to cover my not-so-flawless skin and a doped out expression.
(Ahh instagram, what would I do without your Xpro II and Nashville filters...)

Don't worry, I'll be covering stuff like this in my soon-to-be-realized makeup tutorials which are really the only thing I can really contribute to this page.

Anyhows I hope I don't bore out you peeps too much with my adventures in gaming and cosplay. See you in my next post!