July 31, 2013

[Lyrics] 14 to 1 (Full) - Brothers Conflict ED song

I promised I would translate the full lyrics of 「14 to 1」 when the full song is released and when I got my (fangirl) hands on the lyrics booklet. So here it is!

I still wince at the "Ohayou, Oyasumi, Arigatou" section every time I listen to this song; the lyrics are so silly and out of place - Why are my onii-chan's greeting me Good morning, Good night and Thank you? Also, I think that the key change was unnecessary. They could've just ended the song at the 4:38 mark. But this song does have a pretty funky piano accompaniment.
Edit: OMG I just realised what the "Ohayou, Oyasumi and Arigatou" section mean!! In the chorus they've always been singing/repeating "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" (only THREE kisses) and then they sing "Good morning, good night, thank you", giving the THREE reasons for the kisses - a good morning kiss, a good night kiss and a thank you kiss.

What I did enjoy from this CD is the cast comments, each of the 14 males spoke (in character) the first line of the the chorus [My sister めちゃくちゃにアイシテル! やさしいだけの キスならいいのかい?// My sister, I've fallen madly in love with you. Is it alright to give you a gentle kiss?], and then they proceeded to thank you for listening to this CD. Suwabe (Kaname) is cheeky and added a kiss to his message, which he also did for his Jinguuji Ren cast comment for UtaPri. *faints*

Description: Kanji lyrics, Romaji lyrics and English translated lyrics of 14 to 1 (full), the ending song of the Brothers Conflict anime.
Note: Any lines not colour coded means that all the bro's sing. I deciphered the colour code by ear; they never specified who sang which line in the lyrics booklet. The parts in brackets ( ) in the English translation are there to help the meaning flow smoother.

Kanji lyrics

My sister
キミを 守らせてくれ!
その微笑み 上目使い もうたくさんだ!
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love

【侑介】どうすればいい 教えてくれよ
【昴】泣かせるつもりなんて なかったんだ
【要】まるで世界を 敵に回したよう


My sister!
やさしいだけの キスならいいのかい?
ごめん... 抱きしめたいよ
哀しみさえ 切なささえ 引き受けるから! 
今すぐに すべてを預けて
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love

【雅臣】無理してキミは笑顔 見せるんだね
【椿】たまんないよね そっと触れさせてよ


My sister
いっしょに居る いっしょに笑う それが家族さ
わかってる... でもキミが愛しい
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your smile

【椿梓】ここが ほらキミの帰る場所だよ

My sister
やさしいだけの キスならいいのかい?
ごめん... 抱きしめたいよ
哀しみさえ 切なささえ 引き受けるから!
今すぐに すべてを預けて
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love

「おはよう」 「おやすみ」 「ありがとう」
「おはよう」 「おやすみ」 「ありがとう」
「I kiss you...」

Romaji lyrics

My sister
Mechakucha ni aishiteru!
Tatta hitori wo erande hoshii no sa
Kimi wo mamorasete kure!
Sono hohoemi uwamezukai mou takusan da!
Genkai wa tokku ni koeteru
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love

【Yuusuke】 Dousure baii oshiete kureyo
【Subaru】 Nakaseru tsumori nante nakattanda
【Kaname】 Maru de sekai wo teki ni mawashita you
【Iori】 Boku wa kare hodo
【Fuuto】 Ijiwaru janai yone?

【Tsubaki】 Sasotteru no?
【Masaomi】 (kawaii)
【Azusa】 Kyohi shiteru no?
【Hikaru】(Uso desho)
【Louis】 Amasugiru kyandi 
【Kaname】 Kamikudaita kanshoku
【Ukyo】 Aseru youna
【\Wataru】 Guruguru suru youna
haato bureiku!

My sister!
Mechakucha ni aishiteru!
Yasashii dake no kisu nara ii no kai?
Gomen... Dakishimetai yo
【Juli】(Chikayoru na~!)
Kanashimi sa e Setsuna sasa e Hikiukeru kara! 
Imasugu ni subete wo azukete
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love

【Natsume】 Sonnani tsuyoku nankanai kuse ni
【Masaomi】 Muri shite kimi wa egao miserunda ne
【Tsubaki】 Tamannai yone sotto furesasete yo
【Subaru】 Honto no ore wo
【Azusa】 Kimi dake ni misetai

【Fuuto】 Odoroku kao
【Louis】(... ii yo ne)
【Hikaru】 Soppo muku kao
【Iori】 Kono te de tsumitotte
【Kaname】 Kazatte okitai hana
【Ukyo】 Watashi dake no
【Yuusuke】 Kimi ga hoshii
Haato eiku!

My sister
Mechakucha ni taisetsu de
Toki doki kowashite mitaku naru no sa
Wagamama wo yurushite yo
【Juli】(Yu, yurusan!)
Isshou ni iru Isshou ni warau Sore ga kazoku sa
Wakatte ru... Demo kimi ga itoshii
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your smile

【MasaomiWataru】 "Tadaima" ga kikitakute
【UkyoHikaru】 Zutto matte ta yo
【KanameIori】 Kowagaranai de
【NatsumeSubaru】 So no doa wo akere baii
【TsubakiAzusa】 Koko ga hora kimi no kaeru bashou da yo
【LouisJuli】 Sou sa ureshii ikyou mo
【YuusukeFuuto】 Kanae ru asu mo
Itsu demo...

My sister
Kimi dake wo aishiteru!
Yasashii dake no kisu naraii no kai?
Gomen... dakishimetai yo
Kanashimi sa e Setsu na sasa e Hiki ukeru kara!
Imasugu ni subete wo azukete
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love

Ohayou  oyasumi  arigatou
Ohayou  oyasumi  arigatou
「I kiss you...」

English translation

My sister
I'm madly in love with you!
I want you to choose only me.
Let me protect you!
I can't withstand your smile and gaze/glances!
I've already exceeded my limit.
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love.

Tell me what I should do.
It was never my intention to make you cry.
It's like the world has turned against me.
I'm not like him, with malicious/bad intentions (towards you).

Are you inviting me?
My sweet one.
Or are you rejecting me?
That can't be true, right?
I feel like a piece of sweet candy being crushed between your teeth,
I'm feeling a little impatient,
I feel like going round and round in circles.
This heartbreak!

My sister,
I've fallen madly in love with you,
If only you'd allow me to give you a gentle kiss.
I'm sorry, but I really want to hug you.
[Get away from me!]
If you can accept both pain and sorrow,
Then I'll entrust everything (/all of me) to you right now.
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love.

I've seen through your habit of appearing to be strong
And forcing a smile (during hardships).
[You male beasts!]
I can't hold back any more, let me caress you gently.
You're the only one 
I want to show my true self to.

Your surprised face, it looks beautiful/cute.
And (your face/expression) when you look the other way, I love it!
I just want to adorn you with this flower
That I plucked.
I just want you
All to myself.
This heartache!

My sister,
I'll cherish and adore you.
Sometimes though, I want to see you broken down.
Forgive my selfishness.
[I won't forgive you!]
We'll stay by each other's side, we'll laugh together, because we're family. 
Even though I know this,
I still really love you (/you're still my beloved).
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your smile.

I've always been waiting to hear
For you to say "I'm home".
Don't be afraid
To open this door.
Because here is where you belong.
If tomorrow can be as happy/bright as today.
Forever (like this)...

My sister,
You're the only one that I love!
Is it alright to give you a gentle kiss?
I'm sorry, I want to embrace you.
Even if there's sadness and pain, I'll accept it all!
So entrust everything to me now.
Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! I need your love.

Good morning, Good night, Thank you.
Good morning, Good night, Thank you.
I kiss you...