July 18, 2013

Free! - Episode 3 [v.P]

 Muscles and skin. 
Muscles Everywhere. ;)
My comments aren't going to make much sense this week because I'm too gagged over the skin fanservice, and because this episode is focused on my fav character Megane-bro, and how he ends up joining the swim club even though he can't swim. I felt that his "reason" for joining was pretty weak and kind of forced, essentially it's just "Wow Haru's awesome at swimming, I want to be like that too, I'm gonna quit the track team and join the swim club".

EEeeeeeeeeeeee MEGANE-BRO!!!
You're too adorable shouta-kun.
 These neck muscles!
The muscles!! *drools*
 I like Rei's eyes.
He blushed!
Gimme more of your body Rei-chan. <3
OMG. This guy is voiced by Miyata Kouki. Ahhhh I shoulda known.
THIS endcard!! I'm screaming and crying in happiness. My two fav characters. Together. Sleeping. On each other's shoulders.