July 30, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 5 [v.P]

Hey Bro! It's that time of the week again!
Conflict 5 - Flood/Inundation
In a nutshell:
  1. Timeskip from last ep's December to March. 
  2. Ema, Masaomi, Tsubaki, Azusa, Wataru and Natsume go Cherry blossom viewing. Ema goes off to buy drinks and she bumps into Subaru by coincidence; when Ema and Subaru returns to the group Natsume gets all jealous of Subaru being with Ema. Wataru wanders off to see the ducks in the lake, and then in order to save Wataru, Natsume falls into the lake. Change of scene to back at home, Natsume tries to confront Subaru again about him taking basketball seriously. [End first half]
  3. Ema returns home from school, to find out that Subaru usually does the cleaning of the house. Iori shows up and gives Ema a red tulip, which is a confession of love, and Juli goes spaz. Ukyo and Ema spends some intimate time in the kitchen with Ukyo teaching her how to cook, only to be busted by Hikaru and Juli.
  4. Ema attends Subaru's basketball match. Natsume finds Ema at the match and is surprised (jealous) that she came only because "Subaru asked her to". Subaru wins the match by throwing a buzzer beater (rip off Kuroko no Basuke). Subaru hugs Ema and tells her "It's all because you came to cheer me on" that he was able to win the game. He then confesses to Ema and asks her out, only to be busted by Natsume. 

What is with this pose!? Lol!! Ema got infected by Camus (UtP)
Husband/Wife feels. :3
"I'm so cool bro, just takin' a stroll"
I love your singing voice SuzuKen but why are you singing so terribly now?
Triplets :3
Wataru appreciation picture, because he doesn't get much air time.
The actions look so stiff. They totally cut down the budget for this episode.
Let me slap Tsubaki for being mean and letting go of Natsume's hand so that he falls into the lake/pond. But on the bright side since Natsume is wet Ema gets to show off her wife-skills.
There's something sexy about men being wet.
Art quality dropped over 80%, but then they do have to pay for over 14+ famous seiyuus, so I'm not surprised that they cut the budget for the art department.
-cries- Get away from her Ukyo!! That woman's a witch! She's dangerous!!
Subaru no Basuke (lol)
Ah! Subaru copied off Midorima!!
Busted again.
Wet sexy look.
Wait what? It's over already?? Where's my Kanameeeeeeee????