July 17, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 3 [v.P]

HEY BRO! Yes it's that time of the week again. 
And. First scene. First line. OMGOMGOMGOMG. /SPAZZZZZZZZ// KANAME ♥♥♥

This week's story revolves around: 
  1. Fuuto having a go at Chi-chan, and then Yuusuke ends up butting in just as Fuuto goes to kiss Chi.
  2. Juli finally converses with Louis, and they make a promise to protect Chi-chan.
  3. A short school parent-interview session with Chi, Yuusuke, Kaname and the teacher. Of course, Kaname pulls out some sugar-coated lines.
  4. The wedding of Chi's father and step-mother, and the preparations beforehand. Of which the other two siblings, Hikaru and Natsume, finally show their face.
  5. Chi's father is really hot.
  6. Subaru being all Tsun towards Chi because he can't get over the accident that happened last episode, where he got drunk at his party and accidentally yelled out that Chi is being an annoyance in the family, and he also "accidentally" topples on top of Chi and kisses her. But he ends up being able to apologize and Chi forgives him.
  7. Natsume realises that Subaru likes Chi.

Guess who at the double confession?
Kyaaaa -- Their synchronous "suki da yo" (I like you).
Juli is adorable. 
Fuuto being a tease. 
Cue Yuusuke suddenly opening the door as Fuuto goes to kiss Chi.
Juli converses with pretty boy.
They promise to protect Chi-chan together. 
The parent-teacher interview form for school that Chi-chan needs to fill in, and she needs her parent's signature, and Yuusuke's like "it's okay, you can get Masa-nii to sign it. ... After all, we're one family now." *fuwa*
 And Kaname shows up to the interview instead of Masa-nii.
Kaname: Imouto-chan, oh you've put down to go to the same university as Subaru?
Chi: Yes.
Kaname: You're going to run to Suba's side? Then I'm gonna be really sad and cry.
[geeeeez Kaname]
 Our crossdresser finally shows up!
Nobu's chuckle is so cute.
Even Chi's father is hot!!!
Enter the last of the triplets. 
My expression as I see a row of ikemen before my face. 
I really like his eyebrows. 
Marry me. Marry me. Marry me.
This week's end card.