July 9, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 2 [v.P]

Hey Bro! Guess what time of the week it is? Yup, it's BroConf time.
This deadly endcard!
I need a place to spaz fangirl about my favourite anime of the season, so I guess I'll be doing reviews (ie. posting screencaps and random feedback) of BroConf.

Faints- first screen is my hubby~ Ukyo
Wataru is so adorable
kewwwwww~ Yusuke!
I swear the producers are trying to kill me. How cute can Fuuto get! 
Juli is funny. Love his voice.
Dead. I'm dead. That killer smile.
Ah! Subaru blushed.
He blushed again!
Subaru: *stutters and blushes*
Kaname: Don't worry, he's not sick. Actually, it is a sickness. But it can't be healed by a doctor.
Chi-chan: Eh?
Kaname: Maa, I've caught the same sickness too. If possible, I'd like to be suffer this sickness forever.
[arghhh- Kaname and your sugar coated confession lines]
Baby love~
Ahahaha so cliche. Subaru got himself drunk and fell on top of Chi-chan and "accidentally" kissed her.
Fuuto is such a tease. O.o The cliff hanger...
They changed the second half of the ED sequence! I CAN SEE SOME UtaPri MOVES IN THERE.
aka Masato, Cecil and Camus. wwww
Adorable. Absolutely adorable.
It's about time you showed your face Natsume!! 
Edit: An extra note: I highly recommend that you do NOT use the only available English subs ("IH"). I'm not being biased (or trying to offend), but their translations, based on episode 1, contains grave mistakes. I personally watch it raw and then rewatch with Chinese subs.