July 15, 2013

BroConf + UtaPri 2000% (Part 1)

Tonight, I decided to rewatch (again) BroConf (Eps 1& 2) and UtaPri Maji Love 2000%.
When one rewatches anime, there are little details that one tends to pick up, or have not noticed upon previous watching. I thought that I would share my revelations (aka an excuse to fangirl all over again) regarding these two animes.

  • [BC] At the end of the OP sequence, Chi-chan holds a bouquet of flowers... exactly 13 of them! Can you match up which colour belongs to who? (Answer will be revealed at the end of the post)
  • Note to self: Must learn how to bake cakes to woo onii-chan's over.

  • At moments like these, I want to slap Fuuto. Stop being such a j-.
"Can we temporarily forget that we are siblings?"
"Haha you thought I was being serious."
  • Guhehehe Tsubaki.
"Ah, I'd be so happy if you fed me (the cake)."
"Or would you rather me feed you instead?"
  • The flower used in the anime is a daisy, which means "innocence, loyal love, 'I'll Never Tell' and Purity". That is so accurate and sweet.
  • [UTP] Heavens already "appeared" in Ep 1 of Maji Love 2000% [On the magazine!!]
  • Haha Clean freak Rivalle (SnK) should have a cleaning competition with Masa.
  • Darn you Ren. Tear my heart apart. Such sugar coated lines, just like how Kaname (BC) would say it.
  • Fangirling over the senpais all over again.

BroConf flower colour answers:
green - Masaomi
red - Ukyo
purple - Kaname
red (lighter) - Hikaru
pink - Tsubaki
 blue - Azusa
green - Natsume
pinkish-purple - Louis
pink (light) - Wataru
blue (darker) - Subaru
white - Iori
orange - Fuuto
red (light) - Yuusuke