July 15, 2013

An Open Letter to Handset Makers: Why Your Phone Is a Loser

If recently read the technology news, you definitely would have came across Nokia's latest release of the Noka Lumia 1020, a Windows Phone 8 device that features a 41MP camera. Not that you would want to buy a Windows Phone.

Anyway, Mike Elgan from Cult of Android decided to write a mock letter to handset manufacturers stating a few reasons why their phones are losers. This part especially sums up what is happening to the market share right now.
Samsung gets most of the market share and some of the profits. Apple gets most of the profits and some of the market share. But Samsung fears with justification that its lead is slipping away to lower-cost and more aggressive vendors. Apple’s momentum has slowed horribly with the onslaught of Android phones. 
The rest of you handset makers — let’s face it — are scrambling for crumbs on the floor.
Which is pretty sure if you take a good look at the current smartphone market. Most of it is dominated by Samsung's Android products whilst Apple is at number two.

You can read the full letter and more in the source link below.

[via Cult of Android]