June 6, 2013

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 10 [v.P]

New (arrogant) rivals. (Kind of) Plot ensues.
I felt that the art degraded in this ep.
Sudden realization: There's only 3 eps of UtaPri left. ;_;
This guy is pretty much a mute.
He is only 13...
I am a sucker for meganes.
I prefer Ren's 'Lady' any day.
Ahaha the seiyuus for Heavens: Eiichi=Midorin, Kira = OnoD and of course Shouta-kun, Nagi is Yonaga (Why can I hear the shouta-kun from Free! and I can hear Ayato (Diabolik Lovers) in Eiichi's laugh.)
I don't like Heavens already, everyone has such a stuck up attitude. But I can't wait to hear them sing.
"The battle is a live concert showdown" - lol what? they're gonna see which team has more fangirl screams?
Shining throws a condition on the competition: "Singing songs written by the same composer would be the best of the best."
Uwaahhh the president of Heavens is Raging Ootori and is voiced by Tomozaku!! Turns out Raging is an old rival of Shining. What the heck Raging and Shining, they're taking it too far, which ever group loses they will be disbanded.
YES I believe in you Otoya. You will not lose.
There was some sweet Cecil-Camus bonding time.
Eiichi has a mole on his chin... and totally a Do-S.
Shoutas, I can't get enough of them.
Steal the girl!
TOKIYA'S SONG! MAMOOOOOO I love your voice.
Tokiya's song felt very forced jammed into the storyline. :/