June 20, 2013

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 12 [v.P]

It's titled Heaven's Gate. Why do I have a bad feeling about this.
 I want that Starish wardrobe.
 wahaha Cecil being so stupid and random, just twirling around spaced out.
 Pfffft oh gosh, shouta Cecil, I cannot take this.
 OMG Is this character development for the senpais I see? Like WOAH. They've been useless all along and then suddenly BAM Let's care for our dear little kohais.
 Love that Syo-Ai interaction. Both such cute shoutas.
 Er Camus you put too much credit in the power of the Maji Love 2000% song.
 -tears- Oh RanRan has such a sad backstory, being abandoned by his former band mates.
That night scene when the bgm is the piano version of Yume Symphony made me cry, it was so beautiful.
Woah Heaven's song! Love OnoD's singing voice!! The dance choreograph was a bit over the top/lacks fan service, it's like they're filming a fighting scene.
But seriously Maji Love 2000% is more catchy song than Heaven's Gate, and Starish's dance routine has more fan service. Of course they are going to win! I believe in them!!
Guys, you seriously better win next week.
Not to mention next week is the last episode!!!