June 4, 2013

Screenshot highlights from Hataraku Maou #9, Karneval #9, Shingeki #9, Valvrave #8

[Caption this]
I have no idea why I'm still watching Karneval.
The storyline is absolutely terrible.
Ah, that's right, I'm watching only because Suwabe
is voice acting as Ugo (red haired guy on the right). 
I was disappointed that Kamiyan used his
 Gareki (Karneval)  voice as Rivalle (Shingeki). 
Once again I was blown away by Kaji's voice acting skills.
Loved Eren's 'I'll kill everyone' face. 
Story is heating up in Valvrave.
Haruto made a comment that L-Elf's the coffee and Haruto's the cream,
to make bitter coffee tastes nicer. (lol)