June 3, 2013

My Monday

As you read in the previous post, today's weather was very fine indeed.
I met up with megabubbletea to vamp up my new laptop, ie. wipe Windows 8 and install Linux Mint 15. We spent most of the morning doing just that, while most of the late afternoon was us trying to get Osu! working (without lagging) on our LM's. While we got the program to run, sadly, the game was too laggy to play.
pumpkin_so77 and megabubbletea 'shaggin' it out' on Cheese.
I spent most of tonight transferring my files (mainly music and pictures) back on to my laptop hard drive. Now I've finally got time to download and catch up on the four day's worth of anime and music that I missed out on (I think I've got about 6 hours worth of anime, and another 5 hours of music).

Other news: 
  • Natsuki's character single reached 4th ranking on Friday on the Oricon charts.
  • Twitter is dead again tonight, so I can't get my first hand anime news.
  • I started playing Devil Survivor 2 (the game) on my DS. I'm not even past the first day (Sunday) and I've died over 8 times already. I'm not a very good gamer.
  • If I'm not feeling lazy tomorrow I may do a compiled anime review; Don't worry, I'll definitely do a UtaPri review.