June 4, 2013

Making the OS switch, here's what I missed!

I recently switched from Windows 8 to Linux Mint 15 and I have not regretted it since then. However, there are still some things I do miss from Windows that can't be replaced in Linux (easily or completely).
Things I missed:

  • Microsoft Office (especially Access) - sure, Google Docs and LibreOffice are really good alternatives for word processing and looking through Powerpoint presentations, but, Access is still the one program that doesn't have a proper alternative. It is essential to me and so I will have to use it on my other computer or in a VM.
  • League of Legends - Yes, I am an avid gamer. But I'm toning down on the gaming and focussing more on important stuff (like programming and such). It's not so much of a big deal that I can't play it anymore, but meh, a game is a game.
  • Adobe Photoshop - I know GIMP puts up a decent fight against Photoshop (and I have yet to fully learn GIMP), but Photoshop is the one program that I will miss using. Hopefully GIMP will live up to my standards.
  • Sony Movie Studio (and variants) - I will definitely miss the powerful video editing software that is only available on Windows. I really hope I can find a similar powerful video editor on Linux. (Currently got OpenShot installed, have yet to try it out.)
This is pretty much my list for now. As for everything else, I have found in Linux. I don't really care if I can't do anymore .NET stuff in Visual Studio, or that my Windows games won't work anymore, I will stand by Linux Mint for a long time to come.