May 9, 2013

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 6 [v.P]

My 3 picture summary, no make that 4.
2000% would date this guy.
My Ren baby has such beautiful and mesmerizing eyes!! (Let's not forget that Syo has dazzling blue eyes as well).
Ren's being pushed to do a fashion show, called Japan Boys Collection, hosted by his very disliked Jinguuji family business company.
Some unknown rivals are being thrown into the UtaPri award competition.
Everyone is happy that Ren got offered the fashion show job because that gets them one step closer to the UtaPri award.
No really, the only thing I "saw" was Ren's butt. Mmm looks delicious.
Then since Masa and Ren are childhood friends, Masa notices something isn't right with Ren's attitude/response to the job and Masa cares about Ren in the cold Masa way, which is so adorable. Masa scolds Ren about not being so selfish and not taking on the job (which could get them the UtaPri award) just because his family business is involved. 
Let's take a moment to admire Ren's sexy backside once more.
A quick flashback to Ren's childhood as a neglected third child.
Change scenes to Ren seeing Haruka during a very beautiful sunset and then Ren spouts some soppy but nevertheless effective pick up lines.
I don't screenshot Haruka, but when I do it's because for once she says something true and not idiotic. 
Oh Ren.
Let's take a moment and admire Ren's hot body.
In comes the jealous aniki (older brother). The same blood flows in aniki's body, so of course he's hot too!
Let's take a moment to appreciate Ren's wide shoulder and chest.
Cecil... a stalker.
Oh goodness, ouch my ears, the fangirl screams as Ren comes out in the fashion show. lol.
If Ren isn't sexy then I don't know who is.
Then drama occurs as electricity is cut out during the show. Ren saves the show by singing his new song that Haruka composed, thus 'lighting up' everyone's hearts. My kokoro went gucha gucha and wagu wagu through Ren's song. It's so awesome!
Finally a confrontation of the two brothers. We learn that Ren's brother really cares for Ren and loves the songs that Ren sings, and Ren finally understands/appreciates all that his brother did for him.