May 23, 2013

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 8 [v.P]

[Sad to say but I kind of lost the mood to properly review this episode. But then again since when have I "properly" reviewed an anime? And what does "properly review" even mean? Yeah okay, you can tell I'm in a down mood because I'm rambling over here. Why the bad mood? Life, stress, deadlines, assignment marking, life. Wanting to do certain things but no time (like drawing fanart: got quite a few ideas/poses stacked up but no time to draw them out) and lack of skills (like translating Masa's Sanctuary song - I just checked the Jap lyrics, he uses a lot of difficult words/phrasing, and it looks like I won't be able to do the translation any justice with my current Jap knowledge). "Yeah whatever pumpkin, I don't really care about your life", well I never asked for you to care, "Seriously I don't care", fine whatever I'll shut up now.]
Picture dump of this episode first. Scattered thoughts about this episode right at end.

So clearly I wasn't keen on Cecil's route, but still fairly happy with this episode because we finally have some senpai time!
Everyone + Nanami heads over to Shining's special holiday villa, to, as Ren strangely suggested "create some group bonding time".
Ranran: "Why do we have to come too?"  Me: because the fangirls demanded senpai time :3
Reiji is so cute, and a total airhead; it would be good if only his eyes were more grey in colour like in the game.
Oh that is so sexy, 6 guys splashing water on each other (Otoya+Ichi) and going fishing. And so is when Ren's drinking water.
Ahaha Masa back in his housewife mode.
Cecil confessed to Haruka once more. But he feels guilty because he thought his love was purely for Haruka, but he can't forget the feeling of being praised/liked by the audience. He wants to make everyone smile.
Oh Ren stop giving everyone weird nicknames, "Cesshi"?
Cecil's song sounds so... generic.
No Otoya, Cecil's voice does NOT mix well with Starish. It sticks out like a sore thumb.
Finally, SOME PLOT!? *gasp* So Cecil has to go back to his homeland Angapolis (or whatever it's called) from the order of his king and abandon Starish, just as he started settling into the group. I think this also happened in the game.