May 16, 2013

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 7 [v.P]

Sorry, too busy fangirling to write a proper review. Please enjoy some fangirl blabber.

As expected the first scene is a Natsuki-hugging-Syo scene. 
We're past the halfway mark already!! :O There's only 6 episodes remaining.
 Wowow lipstick ad. I'd totally buy the product!
 Ah, Natsuki is such an air-head, I just can't help but laugh whenever he talks about being "manly".
Did Ren just nickname Natsuki as "Shinomi", that is soooo cute. 
 Oh dear Natsuki what are you doing? Stop! Stop!!! Don't bring out the Piyo!!!
 Oh let me burn those "fan letters" for you Syo-kun.
 Natsuki's smile is like the sun.
 What is that cheesy line for, "Today I want you to be my only Haru-chan"?
 Natsuki's spouting some pretty bold (confession) lines.
Ahahah so that's what they mean by 'lipstick ad'.
 Hotttooo, here comes my wild boy Satsuki. Bring it onnnnnn!!
 So this time it's Syo's turn to be a cblocker?! Geez.
 This pair is too adorable.
 And Bishies caught in the net :D
 Okay. Wow. The opening phrase of Natsuki's song is amazing. Kishow you rock! I fell in love with your voice in this song.
 Sexy. -drools-
 Ichinose is like: "Hmm, not bad". (lol)
Natsuki's hot. Okay. Hot.
 Let's conclude with a Camus appreciation post.