May 2, 2013

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 5 [v.P]

So this time round I didn't take too many screencaps because I wasn't too hyped about this episode, after all it's Ittoki's route and Ittoki is my second least favourite character, the last place belonging to Cecil. But the highlights being:
*Kira Kira* (aka sparkle sparkle) Otoya.
Wouldn't mind getting these Care Bears.

So it appears that the anime routes are going to follow the listing of the CD releases. This episode being the 3rd character release is the red-head-idiot Ittoki Otoya. Ack- Otoya's voice still bugs me, why is it so whiny and annoying? (lol)  

It feels like Season 2 is half about Cecil growing up to be a big boy in the entertainment industry. Ittoki and Cecil do a live variety show, Cecil is surprised that people enjoy his performance, then idiot Camus is like "Of course you'd be successful because I'm your teacher!"
Then stupid Haruka gets lost and accidentally bumps into Otoya who is visiting his old orphanage, and she learns that Otoya's mum died when he was young and he doesn't know who his dad is (... yet, until you play the game then you find out his dad is           ), and then the kids at the orphanage are like "Haruka's Ittoki's girlfriend" and Ittoki's all blushing idiotically not fully wanting to deny that claim. Now that I think about it IttokiXHaruka may be the perfect pairing because you have two airheads together (lol). 
I'm loving the variety of clothing the boys are wearing this season, in almost every scene they have a different set of clothes. 
It's so darn obvious that Ittoki's head over heels for Haruka. They go into the haunted house, she gets scared, he holds her hand and eventually hugs her *perfect* And then (RAGE) just as Otoya is about to confess to Haruka, guess who cblocks him. CECIL. Stuff you Cecil. Get The Fudge Out. No one wants you.

Eeeee Otoya's song is so... Otoya (lol) so cheerful and makes you feel good. I really like his song... except his whiny voice.

Special guest appearance - Care Bears! (lol). 
WHY IS CAMUS THE ONLY SENPAI THAT GETS AIR TIME!? (arghghghghgh) In fact, he got less than 1 minute air time. Pathetic. I want the other senpais too!! Anyway Ittoki's character is growing on me, the only thing I dislike is his whiny voice.