May 22, 2013

Skype for Linux 4.2 Released With Much Needed Bug Fixes

skype-liuxIf you use Skype on Linux, you will be glad to hear that an update has been released the address a few bugs.

Skype 4.2 for Linux is largely a bug fix release aimed at improving the general stability of the application, its use with Microsoft Accounts (MSN merged into Skype a while back), and fixing a few well-documented faults introduced in the previous release.

These fixes range from the trivial: larger app icons; localizing prices in Skype WiFi prompts; to the much needed: crash fixes; navigation fixes; not showing features where they can’t be used.

Improvements to existing functionality also feature in the update:
  • Multi-monitor screen-sharing works better, with the workspace Skype is open on being shown by default
  • Microsoft Account users will see a ‘Messenger’ group listing their fellow MSA contacts
  • A button for initiating conference calls has been added to the conversations window
  • Voice messaging button available from Options
[via OMG! Ubuntu!]