May 25, 2013

PSotD - 100万回の愛革命!

Title: 100万回の愛革命! (Hyakuman-kai no Ai Kakumei (Revolution)!)
Artist: Marginal #4
Year: 2013
Notes: Lately I've been delving into the realm of otome CDs (aka drama CDs targeted at the female audience), and Rejet is one of my favourite companies that produce such delicious goodies.
Marginal #4 is a 4 person musical unit comprised of seiyuus: Masuda Toshiki (増田俊樹), Takahashi Naozumi (高橋直純), KENN and Suzuki Yuto (鈴木裕斗). Initially this group was created to perform only at Rejet's live shows. But then the company decided to leech more money off its audience and get the group to release a CD.
There are two parts of the chorus where you will hear this soft "click/Tch" sound, and no, this is NOT a glitch (like I initially thought), it's just the boys kissing the listener. 'Why?' you ask - well this is aimed at a female audience after all, and we like to hear pretty boys kissing us on the cheek?
There's a total of 4 songs in this CD, but I only like the first and the last one. The lyrics of the second song are a bit... er... strong(?), unless I'm reading too much into the lyrics. Okay fine, to be honest the lyrics of all the songs pretty much revolve around how much the boys love/dote on you, they'll do anything to get your attention, love is a dangerous drug and that they want to get close to you \(^^)/.
DDL: here