May 13, 2013

[Fanfic] Seiichirou no Bai~ That Afternoon (Uta no Prince sama)

Inspiration can come at the strangest times. I was having my UtaPri music on shuffle and while listening to Ren's song this short fanfic hit me. I absolutely adore Ren's older brother, Seiichirou (pictured below).

***Seiichirou no Bai~ That Afternoon***

Summary: What exactly happened that afternoon when young Ren was singing in the garden and his older brother, Seiichirou, stared out the window? A short story from Seiichirou's perspective.

Back then it wasn't father or mother that supported me, it was you Ren; your soothing voice, your golden hair, your shining smile, your glowing soul, that was what kept me strong. I can never erase from my heart the burst of emotions I experienced the first time I stumbled across your talent.

It happened on a typical Sunday afternoon. I was stuck in my office piled up with work. I felt irritated and stressed, being weighed down by the pressures of being the next potential Chief Executive of the Jinguuji Company. I wanted to quit and run away. Why me? Why do I have to be the next in line to inherit the company? Why did father have to fall ill at such an inconvenient time? I knew that it was pointless to ask such questions, the reality would not change. I cannot escape from my fate and duties as the first born to the Jinguuji family. Nevertheless, I yearned for something, anything, that could give my heart temporary relief from this scorching pain and turmoil.

I released a heavy sigh as I placed the stack of documents back on to my wooden desk. I thought that maybe taking a look at the scenery may ease some of my discomfort. I arose from my creaky brown leather chair and paced towards the window. Another sigh slipped from my lips as I reminded myself that I had to prepare for a company meeting to be held next morn. I let my eyes drift across our large backyard. Brown. Everything's turning brown. A casual Autumn breeze shook the tree branches, threatening the dull and fragile leaves to fall off. Watching such sombre scenery did not improve my mood, I was only reminded of how helpless I was, being carried along by the 'winds' of the higher ups and elders of the Jinguuji Company.
But on that afternoon, I learnt that sometimes the harsh wind can also bring gentle delights.

「夕陽が舞う園で 君だけを見ていた
星よりも 煌めいた その瞳にKnock out」
"In that garden, lit by the dancing sunset, you were the only one I was looking at.
Those eyes sparkling more than the stars, I was knocked out by them!"

A/N: Inspiration from episode 6 of UtaPri Maji Love 2000%. Final line adapted from Ren's first character song: Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart.