May 26, 2013

[CD Review] Natsuki Shinomiya's Character songs

This will be pretty brief as I want to get back to watching the Shirokuma Cafe Event DVD.
But I finally downloaded Natsuki's songs. *cue screams*
Wow the lyrics are so beautiful *cries* I thought that I wouldn't like Natsuki songs, only Satsuki songs, but this performance totally surprised me. I did not expect the key change at the end of "Sirius e no Chikai". That song is all about the desire to grow stronger.
While "Yell's" lyrics falls along the same line of Syo's "Challenge" song, whose theme was "YOLO - enjoy life and the world around you, because it'll pass you by before you know it", Yell pretty much talks about "yeah, your life might suck, but hey everything will be fine eventually if you will it to be; just be lucky-go-happy, appreciate the beautiful things around you and keep trying.

Also, anyone notice the slogan at the side of the CD box: "You will find the music more beautiful than kiss!" - Hahaha, well I wouldn't getting an actual kiss from the princes. XD

I might go and translate the lyrics a little later on in the week. But for now back to my Shirokuma show.