April 4, 2013

UtaPri fangirling and 'dem sexy moves'

Okay, I can't stop giggling/going-red-in-the-face/feeling agitated/fangirling over the second season of Uta no Prince sama. For those who don't know yet, the first episode was aired early this morning. The English sub version can be found at nyaa.
The boys have become so much more sexier than the first season, more innuendos, jokes, teasers and fanservice!! The songs are just as awesome. While I don't want to spam our readers with screencaps and squealing, this kind soul at tumblr pretty much summarized all the thoughts and emotions going through my head.
Anyway, after having a reblog spam session on tumblr, I decided to have a go at making an UtaPri crack video; Enjoy!