April 25, 2013

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 4 [v.P]

If I had to use two pictures to summarize UtP ep 4, it would be:
Oh and something for jokes: You'll have to speak louder because this episode just caused more ovaries to explode.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yes. Masa. My Masa. Masa. Masa. Masa. 
This was a serious yet funny episode, because after all Masa's a pretty serious guy.
We're told that Masa gets an audition part for a live-action historical drama (Utapri-sengumi: Utp+Shinsengumi) and everyone in STARISH wants to help Masa practice his audition part so he can get the job and they can be one step closer to winning the UtaPri Award.
Stop being so sexy Ren. 
Tokiya: STOP.
Tokiya: STOP. Can't you hear my ovaries exploding.
However, Masa's problem was that there is a scene in the play where he has to embrace the female lead, and Masa's like "You can't embrace a person so easily, it has to be during the climax of a well-established relationship". Oh Masa, you're too honest.
Syo's like "Are the bloody kidding me!?"
When the other boys offered to help Masa overcome this problem together Masa gets all snubby like "Go away, I don't need your help". Oh Masa, learn to rely on others would you? Then comes some reminiscent scenes of Masa and his (deceased) grandfather, with his grandpa teaching him how to appreciate and excel in performing arts, and reminding him that a good performance can only be accomplished through the combined effort of everyone working together. Then Masa realises that he shouldn't reject the others' help.
Then some cut scene with Camus yelling at Cecil to study harder to become an idol and Cecil's like "Really? I don't wanna". Also, another cut scene where Cecil and Haruka get... uh intimate. Stupid Cecil get off Haruka. Then it is explained that Cecil is jealous of STARISH and hates them because they "imprisoned"/charmed Haruka with their "sparkling" (singing and sexy bodies ;D).
The STARISH boys help Masa by practising his lines, with Tokiya playing the female role, because "he's the one with (acting) experience", and the other boys being the audience (giving feedback I guess). Oh I laughed so much with Tokiya acting as a distressed maiden. Ren what's with that idiotic brown headband/beanie, take it off. Some nice character interplays in this scene.
Finally Masa goes to the audition, and guess what, he wow's the judges, so he gets the acting job.
Wwwwwwww Masa's insert song. I love it. It's so beautiful. It's an enka style song. Only you can pull it off beautifully SuzuKen.

I actually got drawn into MasaxHaruka pairing.
Then Cecil interrupts and speaks bluntly to Masa and make Masa confront his true feelings, his love for Haruka, making Masa fluster and go red in the face. Aww Masa you are too cute, you love her but you're too embarrassed to confess to her because the emotions you're feeling are very important to you. But at least now Masa acknowledges that he loves Haruka and he feels indebted to her for allowing him to be able to express himself more freely through music.
Overall, the only complaint I have of this episode is that Mamo used his Yogi (Karneval) voice for FemTokiya. Also, I want more senpai time! Only Camus showed up, and it was only for about 5 seconds.