April 8, 2013

Mabinogi: Miku and Nao

So I tried playing Mabinogi, and online MMORPG game by Nexon. I've been wanting to try that game for a while now as it was free to play on Steam. After the download, installation and patching, I finally started the game.

Initial impressions were honestly not that good. I expected the graphics to be better or the interface to be cleaner. No. It was pretty appalling and rather dull. The only reason I tried this game was because of the latest Miku and Nao mash-up event. Other than that, I would not have tried it at all.

Creating a character was really easy and there were a lot of customizable options (although most of them are 'premium' stuff). Once I was happy with my design, I entered the world of Mabinogi. I struggled to get through the large amounts of help text on initial start-up. There were constant pop-up boxes everywhere explaining this and explaining that. I really couldn't be bothered reading through the large amounts of text so I pretty much skimmed through every single one of them.

The tutorial was no better. I was up against the tutorial dummys as an archer. The tutorial told me to do combos with the various skills that came as default to my class. To fire, you had to click and hold down on your mouse and let go. Rather annoying I would say. In the end, I struggled to get it right and I would always miss or not shoot an arrow at all. The 'help' boxes weren't really helpful either.

In the end, I ran out of arrows and I decided to forfeit the tutorial. I gave up as this game was too frustrating to play. Sorry Mabinogi. I can't believe I wasted my time playing the game, it definitely isn't my style of gameplay.

Initial Impressions: 4/10