April 22, 2013

Karneval - Episode 3 [v.P]

When you get to the climax of the episode (jokes)

This is more like a rant and lists of screenshots rather than a review. I would probably call these "anime review" posts as BSS: Blargh and Screenshots. By Blargh I mean just random thoughts that pop into my head as I watch an episode. But enough of my rambles, and let's move on to the promised "blargh" - Episode 3 of Karneval.
Yogi gets flung out the door.
I already have some kind of negative bias for this series, namely because after wasting a fair chunk of my night reading the 50 chapters of the manga I still had no idea what was going on, what the point of the mystery was, and I thought the story structure was very poor. But forgetting about having a purpose for fighting and just focusing on the bijins (pretty people - including guys and gals), I somehow still managed through the boring manga chapters. Well enough about the manga, onto the anime!
Ah that's right I almost forgot that the OP was sung by GRANRODEO, that's + 1 bonus point for having an awesome opening song.
We start off with Gareki's pretty face: +0.5 bonus points.

A 3 second flashback of Gareki's past.
Last week Nai was injured during an attack, hence Tsukomo, Gareki, Yogi and Hirato took Nai to be treated by a doctor, the latter recommending them to take Nai to the "Research Tower" for further observation.
It feels like there's more character development in the anime than in manga, which is great. We learn that Tsukomo's a worry wart and Gareki is cold (on the outside appearance, but he's actually caring in the inside).

Karoku tried to convince Nai to leave Gareki and to come back to Karoku's side [Jealousy much? (lol)].  Then comes the indecisiveness of Nai: "Gareki I hate you because Karoku told me to feel this way, but I actually really like you so please don't go, but I'm still going to push you away because Karoku told me to, but I'll just grab hold of your shirt so you won't ever leave me side." 

This scene broke my heart. -pats Nai- 
A revelation that Nai isn't human, but in fact an animal.

I'm enjoying the BGM.
Right, so the bad guys (Kaftka?) have stolen "evolution research" (top secret research about human evolution and merging human cells with animals) of the government(?) and are using it to create human-deformed-monsters called Varuga and so Hirato and Tsukitachi's team have to hunt these monsters and baddies down. Well now that the goal of the story is cleared up, I can have ease of mind.  
Yogi is scared of Akari-sensei... for what reason? Something to do with having to go through some "treatment".

The anime is moving so fast, at episode 3 and we're already heading over to the Niji forest to look for clues about Nai's reason of existence and to search for Karoku; if I recall correctly this part is around chapter 25 or so of the manga. 
We conclude the episode with seeing Yogi's awesome fighting skills.